Simple Store Tips for Holiday Pop-Ups

Simple Stores are the easiest way to collect orders from your clients during the busy holiday months. All store products are listed on a single page – there’s no homepage or product categories which makes navigation a breeze. And the checkout page is clean and streamlined for the shopper.

You can launch a Simple Store for yourself and share with your clients to collect orders or you can be ultra organized and start a Simple Store for each of your clients. You can start as many stores in your account as you need! Remember, it doesn’t cost anything to start, and it’s just 50 cents when an order is placed.

Tip 1: Add Products from our 2019 Holiday Gift Catalog

Adding products to your Simple Stores is a breeze! And this year, we’ve made it even easier by curating seasonal products from different suppliers within our database into one holiday catalog.

You’ll find a variety of products from:

  • Vantage
  • HIT Promotional Products
  • SanMar
  • Leeds
  • Gemline
  • And More!

Check out our video tutorial on how to search for this catalog in the database and how to add to your store. You’ll also find a seasonal demo store for inspiration.

Tip 2: Use the Countdown Clock 

There’s 109 days left in the year! Yikes! Adding a Countdown Clock to display when the store closes gives shoppers a deadline so you don’t have to deal with last minute orders at the end of the year when it’s extra busy and suppliers have holiday hours. 

Just click the Countdown Active button in Store Design and pick a store close date from the calendar drop-down. 

Tip 3: Let shoppers know the store is live with an Email Campaign

With built-in email marketing, you can create and send email campaigns that link directly to the store. There are four templates available for you to use. All you need to do is choose your template, drag and drop one or two product images from the store into the template, and write a snappy header and sub-header. You can send emails to shoppers who have or have not placed an order in the past 1-4 weeks/months/year.

Tip 4: Start a Redemption Store for your client’s gift programs

A Redemption Store does not collect payment, sales tax, or shipping costs from the shopper making them a perfect solution for your client’s holiday gift giving program. Employees will simply choose their gift and head to the checkout page to enter their personal details, making it easy for the company to manage who gets what and it makes it easy for you to collect all the order details.

Head over to our other post on how you can use a Redemption Store for your client’s gift program this year.

Tip 5: Manage all your Simple Store and Company Store orders

Did you know you can track and manage all orders from your Simple Stores and Bright Sites Company Stores directly in one location? Well you can! With Bright Orders, all Company Store and Simple Store orders tied to your account will auto-magically flow into into your order dashboard so you can see all the details, send invoices, manage fulfillment, communicate with your clients and vendors, and run reports. Try it out!

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This post was written by Lucy Taylor