Holiday Gift Programs with Redemption Stores

Redemption Stores are perfect for your client’s holiday gift programs because they do not collect payment, sales tax, or shipping costs from the shopper. Instead, shoppers will have a code to enter that’ll give them access to the store. Their unique code will have a value that allows them to choose their gift(s) and checkout!

You can control the value of the codes. 

With a Redemption Store, you create Code Groups to control which products are shown in the storefront and how many products the shopper can choose with their code.

You can add, upload, or auto-generate codes.

It’s up to you! The system can generate the codes for you or you may choose to upload your own codes into the store. From there, you can assign the codes to a group. Remember – each code is unique so the same code cannot be used twice.

You can see which codes have been redeemed for products.

Easily keep track of all the codes in the store which group the code belongs to, the date it was added and redeemed, and the order number attached to that code.

Need an example?

Let’s say your client, Big Time Company, wants to give their employees a holiday gift in December. They don’t want to force the exact same gift on everyone, so management has chosen three really fun gifts and would like each employees to select the one out they like the best out of the three potential gifts. 

Solution – Easy enough with the Simple Redemption Store you have set-up for Big Time Company! You create a code group called Big Time Company Holiday Gift – All Employees. For this code group, you make all three gifts visible but limit the products allowed in checkout to just one. Then you can either create a unique code for each employee, upload codes, or have the system generate the codes.  Keep in mind, each code may only be used once. 

When the employee comes to the store, they’ll have to enter their unique code before they can see the products. Once they enter the code, they’ll see all three products and can pick a gift and head to the checkout page! Because of the code group they’re in, the store will not allow the shopper to proceed to checkout if there’s more than one item in their cart. After checkout, the employee will get an email confirmation and you will be notified of the order. You can also see which codes have been redeemed and which ones have not. 

This is amazing, Big Time can’t wait to roll this store out. Just before the store goes live, they realize they’ve had an amazing year and want to reward the the top performing employees with a bonus gift for helping the company break new sales records.

Solution – No need to freak out, even though Big Time is notorious for last minute changes. You can use the exact same redemption store, just create a new code group for the bonus gift employees that allows them to pick the bonus gift and the general employee gift. You’ll have to make sure the top performing employees get a code from the bonus gift code group. No problem, crisis averted, the store is ready to go-live right on schedule.

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This post was written by Lucy Taylor