2019 Holiday Gift Catalog & Demo Store

We know how hard it can be to to find the perfect products for your client’s seasonal stores. This year, our team has put together a collection of seasonal, holiday, and gift items from our Product Database so you can easily add these items to your Simple Stores without having to dig through hundreds of products. Featuring products from various suppliers: Vantage, HIT Promotional Products, SanMar, Leeds, Gemline, and more!

Step 1: Log into your Bright Orders account. Click Product Database.

Step 2: Enter 2019 Holiday Gift Catalog under vendors.

Step 3: Find the perfect holiday product to add to your Saved Items by clicking the copy icon. 

Step 4: Click on Items and find your newly copied product. 

Step 5: Head over to your holiday store. 

Step 6: Drag and drop the item into your store!

Holiday Demo Store

We’ve also built a decked out seasonal demo store so you can get some inspiration for your client’s holiday store. This store displays just a few of the products offered in the 2019 Simple Holiday Gift Catalog. It’s extra festive!

Simple holiday gift store.
It’s live, head over to holidaygifts.orderpromos.com to see!


This post was written by Lucy Taylor