New & Improved Support!

If you have been using our systems, you may have noticed that our Support Suite has gotten a much deserved makeover. Along with a sleek new look, we’ve added a chat feature so you have another way to reach our support team, improved the search functionality, and streamlined the organization of KB articles and videos.

Where can I find the Support Suite?

We’ve created two support suites based on the system you are using –  Bright Sites Company Stores platform and/or the Bright Orders & Simple Stores platform. We separated them to keep the articles and videos neatly organized. You can navigate to them directly using the URLs below or by clicking on the Support dropdown from our website’s navigation bar.

Bright Sites Company Stores Support –

Bright Orders & Simple Stores Support –

Do I need to create an account?

No, you don’t have to create an account to see the articles or watch the videos. But if you want to interact with our support team, either by submitting a ticket or starting a chat, you will need to create an account. It’s really easy! You can also sign in using Twitter, Facebook, or Google accounts.

How do I chat with the Support Team?

Have you noticed a little yellow bubble with three dots?  You can find it on the bottom right hand side in Support as well as in Bright Sites and Bright Orders. Yes, you can chat with our support team directly from the system you are working in. Just another way we’re making it easier for you to reach us. Once we’re done chatting, your chat and ticket history will be saved under “My Conversations” so you refer back to it again when you need.

How has the search improved?

The search bar is so much more intuitive than it’s ever been. Suggestions will appear as you type your search terms. Our team has been tagging articles with a variety of terms to make it easier for you to find the article you need. The search capabilities will continue to improve!

How are the articles and guides organized?

We’ve organized all articles into a handful of main categories. For Bright Sites Company Stores, you’ll find categories for:

  • Bright Sites Users
  • Bright Sites Orders
  • Bright Sites Store Management
  • Bright Sites Account Management
  • Miscellaneous Articles

Each of these categories have subcategories where you’ll see all articles neatly organized. On the homepage, you’ll also find the most popular articles within the main category.

Anything else?

Moving forward, any system updates and new features will be listed out under the News section. We’re still working on building out this section, so keep an eye out!

As we continue to improve our Support Suites, let us know if you have any feedback! We’d love to hear what you think and suggestions on making it easier for you.


This post was written by Lucy Taylor