Simple Stores: New Features & Updates

As more distributors start using Simple Stores, our development team has been working hard to improve these stores while still keeping them low-cost and quick-to-start. Since the beginning of 2019 significant improvements have been made to a few key areas, including:

  • – Store Build & Training
  • – Product Customization
  • – Checkout Experience

We’ll explore each area and the improvements made in more detail below.

Store Build & Training

Improvements Include Setup Assistant | One-on-One Training | Turnkey Option

While Simple Stores are easy to set up, some may be using the Bright Orders Platform which hosts Simple Stores for the very first time. In our latest update, we launched a hands-on learning experience for distributors like yourself to learn the system quickly and efficiently. The new Setup Assistant helps you do two things, learn the system AND set up your client’s store, all at the same time. The assistant can be accessed from your main dashboard and can guide you through crucial steps, including:

  • – Client Creation
  • – Creating a New Item
  • – Copying an Item from the Product Database
  • – Building a Simple Store
  • – Setting Up Credit Card Payments & Taxes

Every Simple Store comes with unlimited email support and 24/7/365 access to our online Support Suite. Now you also have the option to add a one-on-one training session with a system expert or to have our team build the store for you (Turnkey Option). The second option is especially helpful if you are new to Simple Stores and have a client that needs a store up and running asap. Since these stores are much more streamlined than our Company Stores, when you select the Turnkey option, you also get the choice to watch and learn as we build the store.

Product Customization

Improvements Include Product Personalization | Customizable Product Options

Products are the heart and soul of our industry so when we noticed that Simple Stores were commonly used for things like sports stores, we felt it was essential to add product personalization to the list of Simple Store features. Now shoppers can add personalized information, like last name or jersey number, directly in the storefront.

We also added customizable product options so you can collect the exact information you need for each item, beyond the standard color and size. Meaning you can set up options like “Shoulder Strap or Carry Handle” for a commuter bag or “Fluid Ounces” for a tumbler. When shoppers try to add the item to their cart, they will be prompted to make a selection before they can move on. This new feature also lets you add sub-option images, sub sku’s, and price modifiers.

Checkout Experience

Improvements Include Checkout Field Configuration | Default Text

The best checkout experience is quick, easy, and intuitive. Meaning shoppers are clear on what fields are required and what type of information they need to add to each area.  Since Simple Stores often come with unique scenarios that can make standard checkout fields like Shipping Address obsolete, we added the ability for you to control which fields appear at checkout with a few easy clicks. You can also edit the default text that appears for each checkout field to help users understand what info you need and how it should be formatted. For example, you can add “123-123-1234” to a phone number field or “LastName+DOB=Smith08272007” for a field labeled, Student ID. This extra bit of guidance helps shoppers quickly navigate checkout and prevents you and your team from making manual adjustments to order data later on.

Learn More

These are just a few of the major improvements recently made to our Simple Store platform. However, our team constantly looks for ways to improve our software. Whether the improvements are to make the system easier to use, more secure, or to ensure that you and your clients have access to the latest technology and eCommerce features. We’ll recap more improvements as 2019 comes to an end. In the meantime, feel free to check out the latest Company Store features or watch any of our recent webinars that highlight the latest updates using the links below.

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This post was written by Lucy Taylor