An Intro to Redemption Sites

Another store format you can offer your clients is a Redemption Site. A Redemption Site is a Simple Store – except with two significant differences. First, shoppers have to enter a code to get into the store. And second, there is no payment collected during checkout. They simply come to the store to redeem a code for a product.

Here’s how it works:

1) Add or Upload Codes

As mentioned above, shoppers have to have a unique code to enter the store. You can upload your own codes or have the system generate codes for you. From there, you can assign the codes to a group.

2) Create Code Groups

Code Groups are used to define what products shoppers can see when they enter the store and how many products they can choose for checkout. For example, you can create a marketing code group that would allow anyone with a code in the marketing group to see three backpacks and pick one. And a sales code group for anyone in sales to see four shirts and pick two.

3) Build and Launch the Store

Building a Redemption Site is just like building a Simple Store. The handy Setup Assistant will walk you through each step you need to take to build the store. You’ll add your client’s information,  upload their logo, pick out some color combos, write a nice welcoming message, and add your contact information. You can also add a countdown clock to show when the store will close.

4) Time to Shop!

Shoppers will use the codes you provide to enter the store and choose their products. Once they add their products to their cart, they’ll head to the checkout page where they will only enter their shipping information. No payment will be collected.

From there, you can keep track of the codes that have been redeemed and their orders.

Built on the Bright Orders Platform

Simple Stores and Redemption Sites lives on our Bright Order Management system. Bright Orders is an all-in-one order processing system that automagically collects all orders from your Simple Stores, Redemption Sites, Company Stores, and one-off orders all in one place.

In Bright Orders, you can create estimates and proposals for your clients, generate purchase orders to your suppliers, build pick ticket and packing slip forms for fulfillment, and once the order has been processed – you can create an invoice and accept payments. There’s so much more too! A client portal allows them to log in and track their orders, add artwork, communicate in real time, and pay their invoices online.

Want to learn more?

Head over to the Simple Stores  page on our website for information on pricingweekly demos, and how to get started! And be sure to checkout our other Introduction posts in this series – An Intro to Company Stores and An Intro to Simple Stores.


This post was written by Lucy Taylor