An Intro to Simple Stores

Listening to distributor feedback of our Company Stores over the last couple years, we’ve learned that you need a cost-effective way to collect orders from your clients who don’t need a full-blown Company Store, yet they still want to go online to order their products – because, face it, who doesn’t?

A Simple Store is a great place to get your clients with lighter needs purchasing products from you online.

First of all, a Simple Store very easy to launch – there’s no homepage to design, there are no categories to configure, and there are no product pages to build. Instead, products are listed on a single page for a smooth navigation experience. Shoppers simply add their products to a shopping cart and check out! It’s a cost-efficient way for your lowkey clients to place orders with you quickly and easily.

Building the Store

Build and launch the store quickly and 100% on your own by following the prompts from the Simple Store Setup Assistant tool. The Setup Assistant will literally walk you through each step to make sure you don’t miss anything. You’ll add your client’s information, your preferred method of payment, flat shipping rate, and sales tax option. The Simple Store Setup Assistant will also show you how to add your own products into your saved items tab or help you copy products from our database.

Once you go through these steps, your new best friend, Setup Assistant, will help you create your store by walking you through uploading a logo, picking out some color combos, write a nice welcoming message, and add your contact information. You can also add a countdown clock to show when the store will close or an order goal tracker to help motivate shoppers. Finally, the Setup Assistant will help you drag and drop the products you created earlier into your client’s store and show you how to rearrange them in the order you want to show on the storefront. It’s just like having one of us behind your back pointing to the screen and telling you what to do along the way.

And, voila! Your store is launched and you are ready to collect orders!

Getting the Word Out

Now that your store is online, you’ll need to promote the store to shoppers. On top of the streamlined setup features, we’ve also added an Email Campaign tool so you can send customized emails directly to shoppers reminding them to make their purchases. With various templates to choose from, setting up your emails is just as simple as setting up the store so you can remind shoppers to make their purchases, highlight a featured product, or let them know when something new comes along. The emails link directly to the Simple Store so shoppers can place their orders right away.

When to use a Simple Store

Not only are Simple Stores easy to setup and easy on the price tag, you can use them to collect orders from just one person or thousands of people. We’ve seen distributors use these stores for a variety of reasons, including:

  • – Temporary Pop-Up Shops
  • – Seasonal Stores
  • – Fundraising Stores
  • – Uniform Stores
  • – Redemption Stores

Built on the Bright Orders Platform

Simple Stores lives on our Bright Order Management system. Bright Orders is an all-in-one order processing system that automagically collects all orders from your Simple Stores, Company Stores, and one-off orders all in one place.

In Bright Orders, you can create estimates and proposals for your clients, generate purchase orders to your suppliers, build pick ticket and packing slip forms for fulfillment, and once the order has been processed – you can create an invoice and accept payments. There’s so much more too! A client portal allows them to log in and track their orders, add artwork, communicate in real time, and pay their invoices online.

Want to learn more?

Head over to the Simple Stores  page on our website for information on pricing, weekly demos, and how to get started! And be sure to checkout our other Introduction posts in this series – An Intro to Company Stores and An Intro to Redemption Sites.


This post was written by Lucy Taylor