Top 10 Reasons the PPAI Expo is a Can’t-Miss Event


On the fence about whether to attend this years Expo? Here are the top 10 reasons you should never skip out.


#1 – The shot of adrenaline you get when the doors open on the first day can’t be beat.

Think Black Friday crowds mixed with an excitement similar to Christmas morning.

To the lady at 0:06 seconds, you are AWESOME!


#2 – You can finally satisfy your cravings with endless amounts of #swag.

Guess we finally got our swagger back 🙂


#3 –  You can meet and mingle with the movers and shakers of our industry at the Pyramid Awards.

Last year the annual Pyramid Awards turned 60 and celebrated with plenty of humor and cake. That wasn’t the only reason our team at BrightStores had to celebrate. Our team took home a Silver Pyramid for Web Content/Functionality for our website. This year we’re hoping for gold!

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#4 – There are endless amounts of education and sessions to learn how to up your promo game.

New to the industry or just want to upgrade your skill set? PPAI has a plethora of education sessions to help you reach your goals.

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#5 – You never miss a chance to see how creative promo people get!

Our favorite creativity pic from last year was Geiger’s “Breaking Bad” clip that they played at the Awards Show. Not only is it insanely funny but their brand messaging is spot-on.

But there’s plenty of fun and creativity throughout the show floor as well…


#6 – Promo people are the BEST people!

You can’t help but make friends at the expo. Between networking events, education sessions, parties, and simply walking down the strip, you are always sure to run into old friends and meet plenty of new ones!

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#7 – Easily skip your daily workout, you’ll reach any fitness goal you set by walking around the Expo.

In case you didn’t know, there’s a rumor that if you were to walk up and down each aisle at the Expo you would end up walking 7 miles!

A big shout out to Janie with Grapevine Designs who was an overachiever on her steps last year totaling 15.9 miles and 31,901 steps…you go girl! 👟

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#8 – The booth displays are epic. Stop in and say hi to your favorite suppliers and meet new ones.

We’re personally obsessed with Numo. Each year, we go out of our way on the last day to go check out their space but you can’t go wrong no matter what booth you stop by.


#9 – You’ll walk away with plenty of awesome new products and ideas.

This is THE place to be if you are looking for new trends and inspiration. Some of the cool new products and trends we spotted last year were branded guitars, eco-conscious products, and tech.

Speaking of tech, did I mention that we sell Company Stores, Simple Stores, and Order Management specifically created for distributors? (Forgive me for the shameless plug, but we love making it easier for distributors to complete those every day tasks, so I couldn’t resist.)

Photo Credit: Ben Baker via LinkedIn with @BrandOGuitars via Twitter

Check out these cute bags that are made out of recycled bottles!


#10 – There is always another one to look forward to.

Thanks to PPAI for putting on such a great show year after year! See you all next month!



This post was written by Lucy Taylor