2018 Security Enhancements

2018 was a busy year for our development team. They built lots of new features, updated existing ones, increased store security, and much more. With so many changes and updates, it can be hard to keep track, which is why our team sifted through all of our updates and found the top security enhancements you should know.

The most significant update accomplished in 2018 was moving our data center from Flexential in Allentown, PA to the Google Cloud Platform. If you aren’t entirely sure what the cloud is you’re not alone, this term has been thrown around for years with the majority of us questioning whether we fully understand where the cloud “is” or how it works.

The Cloud Demystified

Think back to the first time you installed Word or any other program on your computer. Unless you are a millennial born post-1990, you most likely drove to Best Buy, purchased a physical copy of the program (Floppy Disk or CD Rom), cleared up enough space on your hard-drive, and inserted that disk to start the installation process.

Before the Cloud, software was tied to a specified computer and required manual updates. This worked fine until the introduction of smartphones and tablets required a significant change in the mid-2000s. Users were no longer working from a single desktop from the comfort of their home. People wanted to be able to access that same software program from a variety of devices, anywhere, and at any time. Logistically speaking, CDs and floppy disks were no longer the most convenient solution.

Nowadays, thanks to cloud technology, if you need to download Word for example to your phone, you open Google Play, search Microsoft Word, download the app, and log in to a pre-existing account or create a new one.

When you purchase a Company Store, we don’t send you a CD or hard copy of the software. Instead, we use cloud technology to allow you to set up a Bright Sites or Bright Orders account. This account will enable you to access and make changes to your client’s Company Store from any device whether you are at your office, cuddled up on the couch at home, or a million miles away with your toes in the sand. The Google Cloud Platform works behind the scenes making sure that your stores are running smoothly and taking care of any technical work or updates.

Benefits of Google Cloud

The number one reason we moved to Google Cloud is to increase scalability. With more distributors using Promo eCommerce to enhance their customers’ purchasing experience, we wanted to make sure we continue to meet today’s end-user demands while growing exponentially. This meant:

  • – Improving Security & Compliance
  • – Increasing Scalability
  • – Improving Reliability & Up-Time for Future Growth

The Google Cloud Platform features a multi-layered secure infrastructure which means your data and your client’s data is protected 24/7/365. It also features on-demand scalability to meet the fast-growing needs of eCommerce and all online ordering, meaning if your client’s fundraiser goes even better than planned, the system won’t crash due to an unexpected surge in online traffic. Moreover, since it’s Google, you can be sure that these data centers are the most reliable and secure data centers in the world and will continue to stay ahead of the curve in the years to come.

List of Google Certifications

How it Affects You and Your Stores

If you use Bright Sites or the Bright Orders/Simple Stores Platform your stores were part of the move to the Google Cloud Platform. However, unless you use a custom domain, you probably didn’t even know the change took place. Most likely you logged into your store that Monday, not even knowing that your stores became even more secure while you were fast asleep.

Other Enhancements

Several other updates were made throughout 2018 which included adding Square to our list of available integrations and disabling TLS 1.0 and 1.1 in preparation for the new PCI DSS Requirements (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard). Most likely this didn’t affect you. However, if you use an old operating system or browser, for example, Windows 7or Internet Explorer 7, you will want to update to a newer system.

We also integrated with Spreedly, a Level 1 PCI Compliant provider, so our stores can securely send a shoppers payment information to the specified credit card gateway using an iFrame integration. Without getting into the nitty-gritty, this integration ultimately means that when a shopper types their credit card information, our servers never see or store their credit card number or CVV code, which helps keep private information safe and secure.


These security enhancements only scratch the surface when it comes to all of our updates and changes this past year. If it seems like a lot, that’s because it is. After all, technology changes at the speed of light, and we want to make sure your stores continue to deliver all the features, functionality, and security your clients expect to see.

If you are interested in learning more about all of our 2018 updates be sure to read 2018 New Features Part 1 and 2018 New Features Part 2.

2018 Key Security & System Enhancements Quick List

Google Cloud Platform

Our servers are now hosted on the Google Cloud Platform.

PCI DSS Compliance Standards

  • Updated to TLS 1.2 (HTTPS)
  • SSL & TLS 1.0/1.2 No Longer Supported

Credit Card Security

Improved credit card security with Spreedly.

System Updates

Ongoing security updates ensure your stores are compliant and the data is always protected.

System Enhancements

We complete regular system enhancements, so your stores perform at optimum speed.



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This post was written by Lucy Taylor