2018 New Features Part 2 – Logo Features, Virtual Samples, and Decoration Methods

The logo, artwork, or decoration that goes on each piece of prodcut is what defines the Promotional Products Industry which is why we focused a lot of effort this year around expanding and improving functionality around logos, product personalization, and decoration. Let’s dive in!

New Logo Features and Updates

We expanded and updated the functionality surrounding logos to give you and your clients more options and flexibility. Use these features in conjuction with the Virtual Samples feature or on their own.

Logo Locations

Add more than one logo location to a product. Logo Locations define where logos should be physically placed on a product.

Multiple Logos

Allow for multiple logos to be place on a single product. Shoppers have the ability to pick which logo should be placed on a particular location.

Example – Logo A placed on the left chest and Logo B placed on the right sleeve.

Expanded Logo Permissions

Along with expanding logo location, we also expanded the permission capabilities surrounding logo management. You can now restrict which logos can be used on specific locations.

Example – Management can use Logos A&B on the left chest while Tech Support can only use Logo A on the left chest.

Logo Charge

Option to charge the shopper for use of a logo.

Virtual Samples

Virtual Samples is a print and product customization tool for your Company Stores. Shoppers can personalize, preview, and approve corporate print materials and logoed merchandise directly from the storefront.

Here’s how it works:

Create a Product Template

Specify where logos and personalization fields need to be placed on the products.

Allow Shoppers to Personalize

Shoppers can add their information to the products based on the parameters you set.

Shoppers Can Preview & Approve  Proofs

Save time and reduce error by making sure the shopper approves their proof.

Create Print-Ready Layered PDF Files 

You can take this feature one step further by loading high resolution images and adjusting the DPI settings to get a layered PDF file to send directly to your printer.

You can either setup the Virtual Samples for each product in your store on your own or have us do it for you. Virtual Samples is a great feature to use on both Apparel and Merchadise items. Read more about Virtual Samples in this blog post!

Decoration Methods

The Decoration Methods feature gives you the option to allow shoppers to choose how they want a product decorated based on the rules that you have created. This feature wouldn’t be common in a traditional Company Store scenario because your clients want to maintain their brand guidelines for their promotional products. But in the unique instance where you would want to offer shoppers a deeper level of customization.

How does it work?

First, you can specify the decoration methods you want to offer for each product. 

You can control what the options are, but some common examples are Screenprint, Embroidery, Full Color Digital Print, Emboss, etc.

Allow shoppers to choose details based on their selected decoration method:

Once you have setup the options, shoppers can choose their decoration methods, which can include:

-The decoration location and size of the artowrk or logo based on that particular location.

-The logo or artwork selection available or you can give them the option to upload their own logo or artwork.

-They can select how many colors or thread colors can be included in the design.

-From there, they can pick those colors using RGB/CMYK/HEX or Pantone Colors.

While Logos, Virtual Samples, and Decoration Methods are very much eye-catching features, we also added various backend/administrative features and performed extensive security updates this year. Over the years, we have built our Company Store systems based on direct distributor feedback, we love taking your suggestions and putting them into action. If you have ideas for how we can improve our systems, please let us know!


This post was written by Lucy Taylor