2018 New Features Part 1 – Product, Admin, and User Experience Features

This year, we focused on creating a more personalized shopping experience for end users and giving distributors the ability to manage stores with more ease. Afterall, part of technology’s purpose is to make your life easier, and that’s what we want our software to do for you and your clients.

To reach our 2018 goal, our development team spent the year expanding our systems and making improvements. While some changes were noticeable, others were less easy to spot. To help you navigate all the new features, we’ve compiled a list of what you should be aware of. Part 1 of this series will focus on new product, admin, and user experience features and Part 2 will focus on the expanded logo features, Virtual Samples/Variable Data, and Decoration Methods.

Product Features

As a Distributor, part of your job is finding great promotional products. Company Stores are all about giving your clients employees a way to order those products online, anytime and anywhere, through their very own store. Since there’s no point in having a store without products, we thought it would be smart to spend some of our time this year focused on adding flexibility and functionality to how products work and what type of products can be offered in an online store. We also made improvements that make uploading and editing products much quicker.

Mass Product Import

Add multiple products to the store at once.

-Download and fill out product template CSV file.

-After the template is complete, simply upload the file.

Edit Products in Bulk

Edit multiple products at once or make quick edits to a single product.

-Customize the fields you want to edit with drag and drop editing columns.

-Make edits directly in-line.

-Filter the view to only show certain products.

Promo Standards Implementation

Suppliers who support PromoStandards have their product data automatically integrated into our supplier database.

View Complete Supplier Database List 

Internal Product ID

Add an internal item number or SKU to products for warehouse or other non-customer facing purposes.

Shipping Exempt Product Feature

Allow products to be exempt from shipping calculations.

Admin Features

Another feature category that we expanded this past year was administrative features. Why? We understand that as a distributor, you have a lot on your plate, so our goal was to make it easier for you to build and manage your stores. That way you can focus your time and energy on other aspects of your job like managing your clients, creating POs, and finding fresh, new products.

Gift Certificate Management Page

We updated the Gift Certificate Management page to add new Redeemed On date field.

Mass User Delete

We added a Delete User column to the Update Existing Users CSV file so admins can easily delete multiple users at once.

New Fields Added to Product Export

Added active product, sold product, and view product to the product export CSV file.

API Order Push

We improved our API documentation so you can automatically push order information from your Company Stores to an outside system.

Custom Report Updates

The Custom Report is such an important feature for giving you the flexibilty to manage your store exactly how you and your clients need which is why we continue to expand data fields and make it easier for you to build the perfect report.

-Now a Basic Store feature

-Ship Date Field Added

-New Field Columns for Easier Sorting

Improved Custom Data Fields Reporting

You can now seperate key pieces of custom data information in your reports, such as:



-Customer Data

User Experience Features

These new features were built to help make the checkout experience go even more smoothly because the easier it is to checkout, the more likely an order will be placed…and who doesn’t love more orders?

In Hands Date

Allow shoppers to pick an “In Hands Date” during checkout. This new date will show in reports, order details, API, ASI Integration, and more.

Shipping Address Validation

Shipping addresses will now be validated for all stores to help improve tax estimates, real-time shipping rates, delivery, and more.

Storefront Re-Order Button

A new Re-Order button on the shopper’s order history page will allow them to add all items from a previous order into their shopping cart.

Next Steps

As mentioned at the beginning of this blog, this is only Part 1. If you are interested in learning about our new Logo Features, Virtual Samples, and Decoration Method features be sure to check out Part 2 of this blog series!


This post was written by Lucy Taylor