Webinar Recap: Introducing Virtual Samples! Using a Company Store for Print & Promo

This month, we wanted to focus the webinar on our latest feature, Virtual Samples. This is a really exciting product customization tool you can use to give shoppers personalization flexibility while staying within the brand guidelines of the Company Store, they’ll even get to see how their product will look from the storefront. To take it a step further, the store will produce a layered PDF file you can send directly to your printer, making Virtual Samples a handy tool to use for business cards and other print collateral.

In the webinar, we talk about how you can use Virtual Samples, other features you can utilize with this tool, and then we get to the exciting part – the live demo! Going through three products, a business card, a name tag, and a polo shirt – you’ll get to see all the features in action. Skip to 15:25 to check out the live demo!

We always end each webinar with a Q&A session. Here’s a few we found particularly helpful!

Is it possible for only certain groups to see certain logos? We have admin people who can use all logos, but then different departments can only use certain logos.

Yes, you can use Virtual Samples with the permission features you’ve set up in your store so certain groups have access to certain logos.

Can client upload logos from their devices or do we have to upload all logos for them beforehand? 

Either option works! You can either load beforehand or let the shopper load the logo.

Can the shopper choose a font option or is it preset?

The fonts are present by you and your client beforehand. The purpose of this feature is to maintain control of the branding within the Company Store.

Is this an add-on option?

Yes, you can control which stores will include this feature.

Ready to try it out? Check out the demo store and reach out to our team at marketing@brightstores.com and we’ll put you in touch with one of our Company Store experts right away!


This post was written by Lucy Taylor