New Feature! Virtual Samples

What is it?

Virtual Samples is a print and product customization tool for your Company Stores. Shoppers can personalize, preview, and approve corporate print materials and logoed merchandise directly from the storefront and you can download a print-ready, layered PDF file.

How it works.

From the backend, you’ll specify where the personalization fields and logos need to be placed on the products. You can have multiple logos on a single product such as a large logo on the chest and a small logo on the sleeve. Virtual Samples works with permission features so you can restrict certain groups from using certain logos. You can add personalization fields with a predetermined font and font size to the product like an employee’s name and email address.

Once the product setup is complete, the shopper will be able to choose their logo or logos, select their product options, and add their personal information – all from the storefront. When they click “update preview” they’ll be able to see a virtual sample of how the product will look. This feature is perfect for allowing shoppers to personalize any product while maintaining brand consistency. You can use Virtual Samples on any product, including:

  • – Corporate Print Materials
  • – Business Cards
  • – Apparel
  • – Merchandise

Get Print-Ready, Layered PDF Files

If you want to send your printer a layered PDF file, you can add high-resolution product images to your store and adjust the DPI settings, so the text comes out clean and crisp. Once the shopper has completed the order, you’ll get the order details and can download a layered PDF file that’s ready to go! Be sure to talk to your printer about the artwork guidelines first.

Uses for Virtual Samples

The most popular use for Virtual Samples is in stores with a variety of print materials. Giving employees the ability to add their personal information to their business cards and corporate brochures saves the company so much time from having to collect the correct data and sending it to you. Instead, names, email addresses, and phone numbers are customized (and approved) by the employee from the storefront.

Other uses include franchise materials with the franchisee’s specific location and contact information, uniforms with the employee’s name, corporate swag customized with a particular conference location – basically, Virtual Samples is the perfect tool to use for any product that needs to be personalized while staying within branding parameters.


Ready to try it out? Check out the demo store and reach out to our team at and we’ll put you in touch with one of our Company Store experts right away!


This post was written by Lucy Taylor