Webinar Recap: Past, Present, and Future of Online Promo Stores

It’s no secret that the online giants are moving into our industry. There’s a lot of chatter about how we can, together – distributors, suppliers, and service providers – stay competitive and add value to the end users. This month, we decided to talk about how online stores have evolved in our industry, where it is going, and how distributors can utilize online stores to their advantage to stay competitive.

The Big Takeaway:
The biggest thing to keep in mind is that the barrier to entry for offering and starting online stores has never been lower, in fact, it is pretty much diminished. With so many options available, they’re a good fit for both small businesses and large corporations alike. Online Stores are not going anywhere, technology has made ordering promotional products online easier and way more efficient for us to turn back now.



This post was written by Lucy Taylor