Part 2: Mini Case Studies – Advanced & Integrated Stores

Continuing on our “Mini Case Studies” series, we take a look at scenarios where distributors have utilized Advanced and Integrated store solutions to manage their more complex client requests.

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Client Request #5

A new end user startup account utilized promo items for exposure. Each employee was encouraged to pick out, wear, and carry branded gear. They were given a certain amount to spend each quarter in the store.

Additionally, Brand Ambassadors, who have more public exposure, needed to have a higher spending limit and had access to more products.

Solution – Advanced Company Store

The store admin created two groups of users, one for All Employees, and one for Brand Ambassadors. They used Permissions to control what products and payment methods each group had access to.

All Employees

-Have a loaded account balance of $250.

-Once logged in, employees can see and use their account balance with the option to use their personal credit card if going over the amount.

Brand Ambassadors

-Have access additional categories and products.

-Given an account balance of $500.

-May pay account balance overages with a Purchase Order.

Client Request #6

A end-user company needed to place large orders across multiple departments throughout the year. They have strict spending limits for each department and need to make sure spending will not go beyond the department’s budget.

Solution – Advanced Company Store w/ Budgets and MOAS

A branded store was built utilizing permission features and adding in the Budget and Manager Approval features for each group.

Budget Feature

-Budgets were used to place a limit on spending for each department.

-The Marketing Department has a $10,000 budget, each marketing employee pays for their order using a cost center code.

Manager Order Approvals (MOAS)

-Each order required the department director’s approval before the order could be processed.

-When approved, shoppers were notified their order was in process.

-When denied, the order was deleted.

Client Request #7

A large end-user client needed all company purchases to go through their procurement system so they can track, control, and analyze all spending – including promotional products.

Solution – Advanced Punchout Store

-We worked with the distributor and end-user client to integrate their store with Ariba.

-Note: We can also integrate with Oracle, Coupa, PeopleSoft, and more.

-Supports cXML & OCI Languages

-This store supported Order Return. Once orders were approved in the Procurement System, they were sent back to Bright Sites as an order.

-This Punchout Store provided better order access, control, and reporting so the end-user was able to get a more complete overview of their organization’s spending.

Client Request #8

An end-user needed a store that would “pass” their user credentials from their company’s internal system to their Company Store so they are automatically logged in.

Solution – Advanced Store w/ SSO

-For this request, we worked with the end-user client on the Single Sign On (SSO) integration.

-With this integration, when the user logged into their intranet and clicked to shop, they entered the store and were already logged in.

-User information carried into the store – email address, name, group, account balance, and more.

-We support SAML 2.0 and token based SSO

-Standard SAML will support basic user data.

-Advanced SAML will support extended user data and account provisioning.

Do you have a specific client request you are not sure how to tackle? Let us help! We’re happy to talk it out with you to see if we can find a solution to fit your client’s needs.


This post was written by Lucy Taylor