Webinar Recap: Mini Case Studies – Strategies for Helping Your Clients Order Online

This webinar was different, and we had a lot of fun presenting it! We created a variety of case studies from the most common requests we see which all focus on one central theme – how to use online solutions to make ordering promotional products easier and more efficient for the end user.

We followed eight different scenarios presented in a “Client Request / Distributor Solution” format so you can see step-by-step how other distributors have strategically tackled their tricky ordering problems using online stores and tools, including:

– Simple Online Ordering
– Temporary & Seasonal Stores
– Uniform & Team Stores
– Centralized Corporate Ordering Location
– Advanced Program Management
– Integrated Stores

No time to watch, no problem!

We’ve divided the case studies into two blog posts so you can read through them when you have time.
Part 1: Simple Store & Basic Store Case Studies
Part 2: Advanced Store & Integrated Store Case Studies

Questions, Questions, Questions

Because this webinar followed a different format, so did the caliber of questions we received. Here are a few that we found especially interesting:

Where do redemption sites fit with the three store solutions?
Redemption Sites are Simple Stores. It is a function of the Simple Stores platform. When you create the store, you can specify that you want it to be a Redemption Store. From there, you’ll be able to assign the code groups to the products so the shoppers will not but for the order, rather, redeem a code for the order. The setup for the store and the look and feel of the store is the same as a Simple Store.

One the advanced Company Store, can permissions get them to different logo pages? My customer has several divisions and they want to give permission to have the employee see only the logo and items for their division. They do not want them to even know about the other divisions.
Yes, you are right on the money! This is exactly how permissions work in our stores.

Is there a minimum revenue per store that you would recommend? Is there ever a time when Company Stores are NOT a good idea.
For both questions, it really depends on the store program and what your client needs. We offer various store levels to hopefully fit a need for you and your clients. We recently did a webinar on Qualifying and Selling Company Stores where we covered a lot of information on how to tell if a Company Store is a good fit or not. Check it out! We are always happy to chat with you to help you decide if a Company Store is worth it or if a Simple Store might be a better option.

Enjoy the presentation!


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This post was written by Lucy Taylor