Webinar Recap: Qualifying & Selling Company Stores

Offering Company Stores as part of the services you provide is stressful and knowing where to start can be overwhelming. The qualification criteria for identifying when your prospects or current clients are truly good candidates for a Company Store changes from year to year. Which is why we took the time for this month’s webinar to discuss how to identify your client’s needs to help  find a store solution that’s right for them. We also provided you with various marketing tools you can use to educate yourself and your clients. And finally, we discussed why it is just as important to recognize some “red flags” and realize that a Company Store might not be the right fit at the time.

Key Presentation Takeaways

Clues that indicate when your client is ready for a Company Store:

– They’re asking for one! It’s kind of obvious but important to note that if you don’t provide them with a store when they ask, another distributor will.

– They place multiple orders from various locations.

– They’re placing frequent repeat orders.

– They demand a quick turnaround time on orders.

– They need to use various payment methods.

– They need employees to have access to different products from one another.

Where Can You Find Marketing Tools?

You can find end-user friendly content under the Distributor Sales Tools section of our website.

About those “red flags”

It’s important to take your time and effort into consideration when discussing a Company Store with your client. Our design and data entry teams are here to help, but building and maintaining a store takes time and effort. Do they order enough products from you to include the store as part of your services as a cost of doing business or will you bill them for setup and monthly charges? If your client is not ready for a full blown Company Store, perhaps a Simple Store would be a better fit? Simple Stores can be setup in minutes and are very cost effective. These are all questions to ask yourself – if you need to talk it out, our sales team is here to help walk you through a strategy.

Questions you might find helpful….

We get a lot of excellent questions during and after each presentation. Here’s a small sampling of the questions we received from this presentation:

What is the spend formula a client needs to meet for a Company Store? There isn’t one! Company Stores can be a good fit for small business to large corporations and everything in between. With various store levels and Simple Stores, you can find a solution for your client that fit their budget and your schedule.

Can I get user friendly content for my presentations? Yes, head over to Distributor Sales Tools section of our website. You’ll find a variety of content pieces targeted directly to the end user, just add your own branding and contact information or copy and paste the information into your own temmplates.

How much does it cost us for a demo store … is there a special pricing?  You are more than welcome to use one of our neutrally branded demo stores anytime you need. We can also give you credentials so you can try it out or walk your clients through the store. If you need a custom demo, with your clients branding requirements, there is a small fee and we are happy to discuss that with you. Most of the time, one of our neutrally branded demo stores will work for your presentation.

I have a lot of short term stores, is BrightStores a good option? Yes, absolutely! Another great option to consider for short term or pop-up stores is a Simple Store solution.

Watch Away! 🙂




This post was written by Lucy Taylor