Marketing Materials for You to Share

Need to keep your client’s engaged with the services you provide as their promotional products distributor? Take some time to work online stores into your overall marketing strategy. We’ve curated some content for you so you can educate your prospects and clients about what Company Stores are and how they can be used to order their promo items.

To keep it easy for you, we’ve put together a variety of content pieces you can share as your own. Everything is targeted to the end-user so all you have to do is simply save and add your own branding.

1) Infographics – Infographics are a way to visually engage with your prospects and clients about Company Stores. Download and send to your prospects, clients, or share on your company blog and social.

2) Social Media Posts – Add Company Store content into your social media mix. Save these images to start a discussion with your followers by talking about what Company Stores are, how a Company Store can help manage their budget, control their brand, and help collect orders with ease.

3) Email Content – Drum up sales with an email campaign or make it personal by sending a one-on-one message directly to your qualified prospects.

4) Supplemental Sales Sheets – After the initial contact or first discussion about starting a Company Store, follow up with a Sales Sheet so your prospect has a store description and feature list right in front of them for reference. Don’t forget to add your contact information to the sheet so they can easily get a hold of you when a question comes up.

Head over to the Distributor Sales Tools section of our website to download this content and more!

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Happy Sharing!



This post was written by Lucy Taylor