The Differences Between a Simple Store and a Company Store

Your clients do everything online and that has translated into how they order their logoed merchandise from you. Providing your client with their very own Company Store is a great option, but what about the times when your clients need a store quickly, without the bells and whistles? It was from this spirit that we decided to offer a Simple Store solution. So, what is the difference between a Simple Store and a Company Store?


Let’s talk about the biggest difference right off the bat – the storefront. A Simple Store is a single page store with a logo, a store description, an optional countdown clock or order goal, and all of the products listed on one main page. Shoppers scroll down the page and can select the size and color of the product they need and add it to the cart. The shopping cart appears in the top right corner of the page. From there – they can head right to the checkout page where you can include a flat shipping rate and taxes into their order and accept a credit card for payment or utilize a custom payment method. And that’s it! Simple? Yes, very simple (that’s why we call them Simple Stores).

A Company Store is a “traditional” online store in that it has a customizable homepage, unlimited products/product categories so shoppers can easily navigate to the products they want, a retail-like page for each individual product where you can include more product options, advanced logo management, product personalization, quantity discounts. Company Stores also have a page for the shopping cart so the shopper can review the order and a checkout page that you can customize to remove fields such as shipping and billing address to create a one-click checkout experience.

Features & Uses

Simple Stores is a light solution so you can offer your clients a cost-effective store that’s easy to set up and will launch quickly. Along with the storefront features mentioned above, you can also use the platform to create a Redemption Store where shoppers have a code they enter to redeem for products and utilize an email marketing feature to remind shoppers to place their orders from the store. Simple Stores are perfect for your client who offers a handful of products and places an order a couple time a year. You can also use Simple Stores for fundraising events and uniform orders.

A Company Store can manage larger store scenarios and with categories, you can offer as many products as your client needs. Company Stores also comes with features such permissions so you can restrict what users can see and experience in the store including store access, categories/products, logos, payment methods, shipping methods, addresses, and admin access. You can also setup manager approvals, account balances, and budgets. And, Company Stores are integration friendly – so you can make the store work exactly how you and your client needs.

If you’re not sure which store solution is best for your client, don’t worry, our Sales Team is here to help you sort it out. Keep in mind, with Simple Stores, you do not have a setup or monthly charge, you pay only when the store takes an order – so it’s a low barrier to entry for your client. And if they need more of a store, we can help you get them the Company Store they need.


This post was written by Lucy Taylor