Webinar Recap: Simple Stores & Redemption Stores

This month’s webinar, we decided to give you a complete rundown of the latest promo eCommerce solution you can begin offering to your clients right away – Simple Stores and Redemption Stores.We started off the presentation by asking a pretty basic question – What are Simple Stores? Simple Stores are stores where all products are listed on one single page for a simplified navigation and an easy checkout experience. And, What are Redemption Stores? Redemption Stores are stores where users must enter a code to access and redeem their products. Both share many of the same features and are built on the Bright Orders platform.

Can I see a Simple Store?

Oh yes, we setup a Simple Store and a Redemption Store so you can see how easy it is to launch. We also went through the storefront and admin areas. If you fast-forward the video below to 13:55, you’ll see both stores in action!

What about the Q&A portion, what did I miss?

A lot, actually! We received so many questions during this webinar that we did not have time to tackle all of them during the presentation, but we gave it our best shot.

The most asked question during this webinar was, how much do Simple Stores cost?

Simple Stores are just $0.50 per order. That’s it! There’s no monthly charge and no setup charge.

I have a client that likes to place orders for shirts and jackets with us. He normally “collects” all the sizes and quantities from each branch. There are only 12 branches or so. Wondering if simple store might be a way for us to make it easier for him to gather that data? For example, each branch can enter their needs. This way he doesn’t have to compile it all into an excel sheet and send to me.

YES! This is exactly why we built Simple Stores, to make your client’s life easier and more orders for you.

Is there a limit to the number of orders that can be collected on a simple store?

No limit. Simple Stores are perfect for one order or 1,000+ orders.

How many products can you have in a Simple Store?

You can have as many as you want. However, we caution against having too many in the store because the shopper will scroll through the page. Limit the store to 10-15 products. Any more than that, it might be best to get them into a Company Store solution so you can organize the products into categories.

What kind of payment methods can you have in a Simple Store?

You can have either a Custom Payment Method or integration with Stripe or Authorize.Net to accept credit cards in the store.

We also got a lot of questions regarding individual features that you will find in a Company Store, but not in a Simple Store. So why won’t you find them in a Simple Store? Because we want to keep it as streamlined and straightforward for you to build.  To learn more about the differences between a Company Store and a Simple Store, check out our latest blog here.




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This post was written by Lucy Taylor