Redemption Stores – A Modern Day Approach to Swag


Redemption Stores – What Makes Them Unique

Have you ever had a client inquire about setting up a reward and recognition store or a loyalty program? Redemption Stores were built for that specific purpose, to help your clients engage with key employees, brand ambassadors, leads, and loyal customers by sending them a code to redeem swag. Ensuring that your client’s logo and brand is top of mind and in front of the eyes that matter the most.

With a typical online store you log in, browse the products, and if all goes well, proceed to checkout. With a Redemption Store, users are given a unique code to enter into the storefront to redeem a special item. It could be a new t-shirt or a pair of wireless, noise canceling headphones. Whatever the prize, it makes the swag experience fun and memorable by adding an element of surprise. And let’s be honest, who doesn’t love surprises…

Another way that Redemption Store’s break the standard eCommerce mold is by eliminating payment and shipping methods at checkout. Since these stores are intended to be used for reward and recognition programs the items in the store are giveaways and gifts. Each item is linked to a code that you can create yourself or generate through the system. You can then use “Code Groups” to easily assign the value of each code as well as what the shopper can see when they enter the store. Since Redemption Stores are run on our Bright Orders platform, each purchase feeds directly into your orders. From there you can process the order directly in Bright Orders or export into a custom report to upload to the system of your choosing.

Redemption Stores also help combat your client’s fear of investing time and money into an online store that no one ends up using. Change can be hard, especially if the change involves multiple new steps or a platform employees and users are unfamiliar with, which is why we gave a retail-like style to all of our online stores. It gives the storefront a familiar and intuitive feel that most shoppers won’t find intimidating. Plus, with a Redemption Store, all they need to do is enter a code and checkout. The whole process takes less than a minute and is a great way to motivate your client’s shoppers to make the conversion to purchasing promo items online.

Top 5 Ways to Use a Redemption Site as a Distributor

Although these stores were created with a unique purpose in mind there are many ways it can be used. Here are the top five.

  • 1 – Employee Reward and Recognition
  • 2 – Loyalty Programs
  • 3 – Contests – Internal & External
  • 4 – Social Giveaways
  • 5 – Holiday Season/Client Appreciation

Redemption Store – Features



Cost & Setup

Redemption Stores are hosted on our Bright Orders Platform and fall under the Simple Stores umbrella which means that you can get a new store up and running in around five to ten minutes. Stores are free and include 1 user/admin. At just $0.50 per order, Redemption Stores can seem too good to be true but we promise there isn’t a catch. If this sounds like something you or your client might be interested in, go ahead and try one out yourself. After all, it won’t cost you a penny until the first order is placed.

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This post was written by Lucy Taylor