Selling Company Stores? You Need These Sales Tools

Company Stores. It’s what we do, we live and breathe Company Stores. You? You’ve got bigger fish to fry. You need to manage your clients,  find the perfect products for their campaigns, manage the artwork and personalization, suppliers, decorators, fulfillment, process the orders…. the list goes on and on (you don’t need us to tell you this). Company Stores is just a part of that mix. So we ended 2017 with a BIG question (and maybe a Jerry Maguire moment), how can we help you?



The end result? Curated marketing materials you can utilize throughout the sales process. We dedicated a section of our website to Distributor Sales Tools. Everything is end-user ready. Meaning, we targeted your clients in the messaging and left our logo and contact information off the materials. All that’s left for you is to copy and paste the content where you need. We broke it down into four main sections:

Let your clients know you offer branded online stores to help them easily order products.

  1. Website Content – In this word document, you’ll find benefits and feature lists to copy and paste directly to your website.
  2. Email Content – Drum up sales with an email to your clients. Use these images in your own templates or use the copy in a more personalized one-on-one email.
  3. Image Library – A picture is worth a thousand words! Feel free to use these neutrally branded Company Store images on your website, in your email campaigns, or how you see fit.

Show your clients what a Company Store has to offer with educational sales sheets and infographics.

  1. Company Store Sales Sheets – These sales sheets provide an overview of the promo eCommerce solutions you can offer your clients. You’ll also find a helpful discovery document to get the conversation started with your client.
  2. Infographics – Infographics are a fun, visual way to inform your prospects and clients about Company Stores. Download and send to them directly or share on your company’s blog and social pages.

Put together a winning presentation with tips, feature lists, and live demo stores.

  1. Discovery – Before you start presenting, make sure you ask these questions to learn more about your client’s promotional products program, so you can discover the solution that’s right for them.
  2. Presentation Tips – Create a successful Company Store presentation and demo for your client with these tips. For a refresher on presenting a Company Store solution to your client, attend a weekly demo. The way we present our weekly demos is a great example of how you can present to your client, take a look at our schedule here!
  3. PowerPoint Template – We always recommend showing a live store demo to your client rather than a powerpoint – mostly because powerpoint presentations are stagnant while a demo is dynamic. However, if a presentation deck will help you close the deal, we are all about it! We’ve built three sets of slides you can use to specifically target where your clients are in your sales funnel – Company Store Basics, Components of a Company Store, and Company Store Levels.

Make sure the conversation never ends by getting social! We have images you can post as your own to educate your clients on the benefits of Company Stores.

You’ll find images like this to share:

Be sure to bookmark this page, we’ll update the seasonal content each month so you’ll have something fresh to share! #PromoCompanyStores

Ready to start marketing Company Stores to your clients? Distributor Sales Tools is here to help!


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This post was written by Lucy Taylor