Webinar Recap: Company Stores & Simple Stores

Like most people starting a new year, we like to do a little reset when it comes to our January webinar topic. We’re not talking about the latest fitness craze or juice cleanse.  If that’s your thing, awesome! For us, a reset means taking the opportunity to give the new faces we met at the ASI Show and PPAI Expo a chance to learn more about us and what we do as well as provide a refresher to our old friends. We’ll spend the rest of the year getting into more in-depth topics such as qualifying your clients, key considerations before starting an online store, presentation tips, demo tricks, and so much more (you can check out our webinar archive here).

Back to this month’s webinar. We reviewed the Basic and Advanced Company Store levels and introduced a brand-new Simple Store solution for your clients who might not qualify for a Company Store. We covered the features of each and walked you through a live demo.

No time to watch the presentation, no problem!

This cheat sheet breaks down the major differences between each solution. Of course, finding the right store for your client’s particular scenario most often involves a bigger conversation, but this is a good place to start.

We’ll always end each webinar with a little Q&A session.

Because every question is a good question – chances are, if you are thinking it, so is another distributor. So please, ask away!  We had a lot to cover during the presentation – up until the last minute of presentation time. Here’s just a small sampling of the questions we discussed. Anytime you have a question, just email us at marketing@brightstores.com. We’re happy to help!

Can we change the store URL?
Yes, you can plug in a custom URL for your store.

What are the maximum items that can be placed on the Simple Store page?
There is no maximum number of items that can be on a Simple Store page, however, because the stores are one page, users will need to scroll through that page to find their item. We caution against adding too many products in the store. We suggest not going past 12-15 products, that just makes the page way too long. Five to ten products can be perfect.

Do you have the ability to pass (or perhaps receive?) credentials from one site to your stores? My customer called it a “single sign-on” and used the terminology “API inputs”
Yes! Absolutely, our Company Stores have the capability to complete Single Sign-On and support the sharing of data via API.

Can clients go directly to you or would you refer them to a distributor?
We do not work directly with end-users. We will always refer them back to their own distributor. If they don’t have one, we refer them to one of you!

Ready to watch? Here you go! 🙂


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This post was written by Lucy Taylor