New Team Member Q&A with Laurie Rohan

Laurie joined the BrightStores team back in June of 2017 as part of our Customer Support & Onboarding team. Interested in getting to know Laurie a bit more? Below is our full interview.

How would you describe your day job to a child?

I help people use their computers to build stores so people shop online.

Describe working at BrightStores in 3 words.

Fun – Challenging – Lucky (to have found Bright Stores)

What is the coolest thing you’re working on right now?

I’ve been training to onboard our new clients which includes store building and training, which I’m really excited about.  I’m also testing the software we’re releasing for our next deployment which I find very fun – it’s kind of like trying to solve a mystery, looking for clues and when you find a bug – woohoo!

What is on your wish list for the next few years with BrightStores?

My goal is to be a Tanya clone.  I love solving problems and I especially love working with our clients to come up with creative solutions for their clients.  I would like to expand my knowledge and become an expert at integrations so I can create truly unique, and sometimes insanely complex, solutions for our clients.

What are your hopes for our industry?

Most of my previous experience with this industry has been on the opposite side as a consumer of promotional products. With my last company I managed the employee rewards program and promotional product ordering and was saved time and time again by our distributor, so I know how hard our clients work to make and keep their clients happy.

As the move toward online shopping continues, I see the promotional products field only getting bigger with a push to provide our client’s clients with a retail-style, online shopping experience for their employees.  That’s one of the reasons I’m so excited to be working at Bright Stores.  Besides incredible co-workers that make me eager to come to work every day, I feel we’ve already got the best company store solutions in the market and it’s an exciting time because we have so much more coming over the next year.

Who inspires you?

As hokey as this sounds – my kids. I have two teenage daughters who are smart and curious, and I’m constantly amazed by them.  They give me so much hope for the future.

How do you define success?

My definition of success has changed dramatically over the years.  I’m now at the point where finding a company where I not only trust and admire the management, but I respect them as well.  To be able to come into work every day and know that I’m truly a part of a team, where the management cares about both their customers and employees to a level I’ve never experienced before, and I truly enjoy the people I work with every day – both coworkers and our clients.  To me, that is success

Before working at BrightStores, what was the most unusual or interesting job you’ve ever had?

I’m a big believer that life is short and there are so many experiences to be had so I’ve never stayed in one industry.  I’ve had some fascinating jobs over the years, but the most unusual was when I decided to save the children of the world and decided to open an adoption agency for older U.S. kids, international children, as well as offering medical assistance to any children around the world.  Yes, focus was not my strong suit back then, but somehow I found a partner and we managed to do all three.  I traveled all over the former Soviet Union countries and we managed successful adoptions from Russia, Ukraine, and Latvia.  I also was able to get a boy named Amir, smuggled out of Iraq after he was injured escaping Sadam Hussein’s army after his entire family of twelve was killed.  The most amazing part of this experience was how so many people with different backgrounds, religions, and beliefs all came together to help this one little boy that we brought to Denver.  While I wouldn’t do it again due to many painful outcomes, it was the most fascinating and meaningful experience I’ve ever had.

Describe what you were like at age 8?

Wow, age 8. I’m the youngest of six kids so by the time I came around my parents were a bit tired of discipline so I had quite a bit of freedom.  I could usually be found climbing trees in the parkway or riding bikes around Park Hill. If it was summer I was in the pool.

What is the first concert you attended?

I saw Jimmy Buffett with my family so I had mixed emotions on calling it my first “real” concert.  Probably the first concert I saw with my friends was the Grateful Dead at Red Rocks.  I even made a swirly skirt to wear😊.

Where’s your favorite place in the world (that you’ve been) and what’s the one place you’re dying to visit?

My favorite place in the world, as odd as this sounds, is the Colorado Plateau, primarily Utah and the four corners region.  It’s one of the last places in the lower 48 that is still somewhat empty and full of places to explore. Every national park in the state is amazing and different, but give me a river, red rocks, a mountain bike or raft, and I’m in heaven.  You can also throw a houseboat on Lake Powell into the mix for the most relaxing place in the world; however I have to fight my inner Monkey Wrench Gang demons.

What are you currently watching on Netflix?

I’m actually continuing the complete takeover of my life by Amazon and am watching two opposites – a dramedy called The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel about a female comedian in the 50’s and a really dark show with an amazing cast and stunning scenery in the Canadian Rockies called Tin Star.

When was the last time you laughed so hard you cried, and why?

I laugh A LOT with my two girls but the last time I cried was with two of my sisters at Thanksgiving. I don’t even remember what it was but it had to do with everyone making fun of us getting Thanksgiving dinner on the table after we had a few too many beverages.

What’s your favorite blog?

I’m actually more into podcasts as I don’t have as much time to read these days.  Currently, my two favorites are Revisionist History by Malcolm Gladwell and Radiolab.

What’s the most recent app you’ve downloaded but are yet to use?

I have two, both dealing with life without a car. I downloaded Instacart for home grocery delivery and Turo to rent other people’s cars.

What places have you lived in?

I went to school in Seattle which I loved, but after growing up here I had to get back to sunny Colorado! I’ve lived somewhere in the state ever since including central and downtown Denver for my city fix and for my mountain years I had elk in my yard in Estes Park and bears in my plum trees in Durango.

Where is your hometown?

Denver – Not everyone just moved here. We have a few natives at BrightStores.

You’re happiest when?

I’m around family in the mountains. I have an amazing family that is spread out around the country so whenever we can all be together – I’m there.  As a kid, my favorite place to visit was the airport at Christmas because everyone would come home again.


This post was written by Lucy Taylor