Let’s “Officially” be Friends

This last year, we decided to get a little more social, the old-fashioned, organic way and made some new connections during our journey. Here are two thumbs up to all of our awesome new friends! (If it was humanly possible to give you more, we would).

Good Intentions

You are probably wondering, what are our intentions?

Don’t worry, we aren’t going to constantly try to sell to you and we don’t intend to “talk at you” either.

Our goal is to have a conversation with you and see what exciting things you are up to, provide you with content you can share with your followers, and let you know when we have new features and updates. Luckily, with today’s social landscape it’s easier than ever to connect and collaborate in real time.

We want to connect and engage with the promo community as a whole and excitedly watch the builders and disrupters inside and outside our industry that are changing the way we think and operate.

Our Gift To You

We understand that social can be a bit daunting, especially if you are new to social media or to the promo industry.

One of our goals for the upcoming year is to make selling Company Stores easier for you. We recently created Distributor Sales Tools. A place where you can find helpful Company Store information that is end-user friendly, neutrally branded, and ready for you to share with your clients.

Be sure to check out our social section filled with handcrafted, Company Store content. You can automatically post straight to Facebook or you can download the content to post as your own on Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and whatever new platform they come up with next.

Two Thumbs Up

Of course, we’d love a thumbs up or a heart or two, who doesn’t get a little flutter of excitement after receiving a notification that someone just liked the post you put up. It let’s us know we are on the right path, that we are providing content and insight that someone else finds interesting.

If you like what we put up, give it a thumbs up and we’ll make a note to create content similar to it in the future.

Now, let’s get social!


This post was written by Lucy Taylor