Introducing Simple Stores: Single Page Online Ordering

We are really excited to bring you a single page, online “store.” A Simple Store is a perfect solution for your clients who do not qualify for a full-blown Company Store or if they just something temporary such as a fundraiser store or a seasonal shop.

How do Simple Stores work?

Simple Stores are so easy, this won’t take long. Simple Stores are built on the Bright Orders platform. Once you get started, you’ll add your client’s information to the system and set up their products either from our database or simply adding your own. From there, setting up a Simple Store is just a matter of adding a logo to the site, picking colors, setting up a shipping rate, and either enter a custom payment method or use a credit card gateway. If you need to motivate shoppers – you can add a countdown clock or an order goal to the top of the page. And just like that – you are ready to collect orders!

What are the features?

Because Simple Stores are, well, simple, the feature list is light. We wanted to keep it this way so you wouldn’t have to trek through a million settings to launch the store. You’ll get the standard eCommerce features you need to collect the orders such as Flat Shipping Rates, Tax Rates, Custom Payment Methods, and Credit Card Gateways.

On top of those features, we’ve also added an Email Marketing tool so you can send customized emails directly to shoppers. With over a dozen templates to choose from, setting up your emails is just as simple as setting up the store so you can remind shoppers to make their purchases, highlight a featured product, or let them know when something new comes along. The emails link directly to the Simple Store so shoppers can order easily and on the go!

Remind me, what is Bright Orders?

Bright Orders is an all-in-one order processing system where you can create estimates and proposals for your clients, generate purchase orders, build forms for fulfillment like pick tickets and packing slips, and once the order has been processed – you can create an invoice and accept payments. There’s so much more too! A client access center, vendor management, artwork management, and an automatic integration with your Bright Sites Company Stores.

With Simple Stores built directly into the system, it’s now easier than ever to collect orders from your clients. Once you set them up in the system and add their products, it can take you less than 5 minutes to create a store – seriously, we’ll time you!

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This post was written by Lucy Taylor