Which Solution is Right for You: Do It Yourself or Turnkey?

You’ve done your research, looked at all your options, and both you and your client have established that a Bright Sites Company Store is the best solution.  The next decision you need to make is whether to go with a Do-It-Yourself or Turnkey package. Below is a quick summary of each solution.

Summary of Do-It-Yourself and Turnkey Solutions

*Configuration includes everything involved with store setup including Permissions, Payments, Shipping, and Sales Tax information, minus products.

10 Questions to Discuss with Your Client

The first step in deciding on which solution to pick is to sit down and have the Discovery conversation with your client. The Company Store Discovery is a series of 10 questions that will help you get started with determining which store level your client needs and if you can do-it-yourself or will need our help getting the store off the ground. Keep in mind that even if you go with a DIY solution you can also change your mind and have us help.

  1.  Would you like a standard store design or a fully custom store design?
  2. Should users have to enter a password to shop or should anyone be able to browse and shop?
  3. Will users have different store experiences from other users in the store?
  4. Do you want to give the shopper a logo choice?
  5. Do you want to offer product personalization or a custom design studio?
  6. Will there be inventory? If so, would you like to track live?
  7. Do you need a Gift Certificate Program or Coupons?
  8. Will there be a budget (a cap or limit on spending) for groups or users?
  9. Do you need Manager Order Approval System (MOAS)?
  10. How will users pay for orders upon checkout? (Credit Cards, Points, Custom Payment Methods)

How Do I Know Which Option to Choose

After talking with your client and deciding on a store level, it’s time to get realistic about your time frame and level of expertise when deciding on tackling the project yourself or if you would like us to step in and take the reins.

  • – Lean Toward a Turnkey Solution If:
    • – your client is asking for something custom or similar to their website and you don’t have an experienced designer on your team.
    • – this is your first time setting up a Company Store and you have a tight deadline.
    • – this is your first time setting up a Company Store and your client is asking for advanced configuration like multiple permissions, budgets, and groups.
  • – Lean Toward a DIY Solution If:
    • – you are experienced with Company Stores.
    • – you have a designer on your team.
    • – you have a longer deadline.
    • – you or your team are interested in becoming well versed in Company Stores.
    • – your client is looking for a straightforward, simple and clean design.

What About the Products

Adding products can be one of the most beneficial and time-consuming parts to store build, which might be why it is a common misconception that it is included in the Turnkey package. So why aren’t products included in the store build? The main reason is that the number of products and product type varies for each store. Some stores might have ten products whereas others have a couple hundred.

It’s just as easy (if not, easier) to enter the product details directly into the system as it is to enter on a spreadsheet. On average, most distributors can add anywhere between 8-10 products per hour, depending on the type of products and the distributor’s familiarity with the platform. If you are strapped for time, we do offer other services which include product uploads for an additional per hour fee. To find out more about our other services, click here.

The number one thing that can make your store look professional, whether you go with a DIY or Turnkey solution, is your products so take your time when adding images and details. Stores with incomplete product descriptions and mismatched product backgrounds, i.e. one product is folded on a table while another is displayed on a model, can be distracting and appear unprofessional to shoppers. There is no wrong way to display your products, just be sure to keep the images consistent.

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This post was written by Lucy Taylor