[Webinar Recap] Basic vs. Advanced Company Stores

What’s the difference between a Basic and Advanced Company Store? I’m glad you asked, this is exactly what we covered this month! In last month’s webinar, we introduced store levels to the Bright Sites Company Store platform.  This month, we wanted to really dive into the features of the two main store levels – Basic and Advanced – to give you a side by side comparison explaining the features included in each level along with a demo.

I just want the CliffsNotes guide to this webinar.

Cool, we get it. It’s a holiday week. This slide sums up the differences between the two store levels nicely.

Did I miss any good questions from other attendees?

All questions are good questions. But seriously, these questions stood out as most helpful to the whole group.

Q: Can I Custom Design a Basic Store?

A: Yes, absolutely! The difference between the store levels is not in how the store looks and feels but in the features and functionality of the store. Turnkey Solutions are available for Basic Stores. If you need help deciding if you should tackle the store on your own or have us do it for you, read this blog post – DIY or Turnkey?

Q: Can I upgrade from a Basic Store to an Advanced Store?

A: Sure. Getting your clients started with a Basic Company Store is a great way to get them in the habit of ordering their promotional products online. As they start to notice the benefits of a Company Store, their requirements might change or maybe they want to start restricting access to certain parts of the store with permissions or utilize advanced payment methods like account balances.

You can easily upgrade them to an Advanced Company Store directly from the account dashboard and turn on the advanced features they need, it just takes a couple of clicks. Please keep in mind, once you upgrade a store, you cannot downgrade it.

Where can I find the demos of each store level?

For the Basic Store Demo, fast forward to 11:14 and for the Advanced Store Demo, go to 22:00.

Reminder: You can catch a live Advanced Storefront Demo each week. It’s a great way to not only learn more about the software but also learn how to demo a Company Store for your clients. Check Weekly Demo Schedule.

Here’s the on-demand webinar, watch when you have time!

Download the handout.

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This post was written by Lucy Taylor