[Webinar Recap] Introducing New Company Store Levels

We recently added a Basic Store to the mix of Company Store offerings, which means the Bright Sites system officially has Company Store Levels – an Advanced Store, a Basic Store, and a Catalog Site. This month’s webinar focused on introducing the new store levels in the Bright Sites system, the features included in each, and some examples of when you might want to use that store level.

What else did we talk about?

Before jumping into the features included in each level, we had to start off with the question, Why Store Levels?  It all boils down to meeting your client’s requirements and their budget so, as a distributor, you can stay competitive by getting more of your clients online. Especially the clients who wouldn’t normally qualify for a full-scale Company Store program, a Basic Store is perfect for them. And because the Basic Store has fewer features than an Advanced Store, it’s easier for you to set up.

What about the features in each level?

This slide is a nice recap of the main features included in each store level. Remeber this is just a summary, you can find a complete feature comparison on our website.

How about the Q&A session?

We always open up the end of the webinar to your questions. By far, a majority of the questions were about the price of each store level. We don’t typically talk pricing on the webinars mainly because every now and then, end-users will find their way to the webinar or watch on-demand from the blog or website, we do not want to compromise the relationship between your and your clients. With all that said, if you’d like a quote, just contact us and a member of our sales team will let you know.

Here’s the on-demand recording of the webinar, watch when you have time!

Download the handout.

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This post was written by Lucy Taylor