Advanced Company Stores – A Multitude of Features

You don’t have to be an advanced Bright Sites user to sell and run an Advanced Store. Whether it’s your first time managing a Company Store for a client or your 10th, the Advanced Store is intuitive to use.

Why is there a Basic and an Advanced Store?

Bright Sites was initially built to manage large and complex Company Store functions but the feedback we received over the years was that we should offer a more cost-efficient option. You wanted to be able to offer Company Store’s to every client, no matter their budget or needs. We thought you had a brilliant idea! Our solution was to create store levels. As we laid the groundwork for providing a Basic Store, we wanted to make sure that we didn’t take away the features that Bright Sites had become known for. That’s why our Advanced Store has 98% of the features that our original Bright Sites solution contained.

We realize that taking the plunge into an Advanced Store may sound daunting so we made it easy to upgrade from a Basic Store to an Advanced Store. Distributors just have to go to the Dashboard, click upgrade and Voila! It’s the same great store only with added features and a more powerful backend. Make sure you and your client are both 100% committed to the upgrade before taking the plunge as you cannot downgrade your store without starting the store build over.

What are all these features we keep mentioning? Scroll to the Infographic below to find out more!

What are Advanced Stores good for?

The perfect solution for your client that needs a modern and professional storefront loaded with powerful features in the backend, and when we say powerful, that’s an understatement. These features are top notch and built just for the promo industry.

An Advanced Store Level Is Great For:

  • – Companies with Multiple Locations
  • – Running a Points Program
  • – Incentivizing Employees with a Preloaded Account Balance
  • – Companies with Multiple Departments
  • – Keeping Track of Inventory
  • – Managing Multiple Logos
  • – Controlling Employee Spend with Manager Approvals (MOAS)
  • – Integrating Pre-existing UPS, USPS, and FedEx Accounts
  • – Creating Customized Monthly Reports for Clients
  • – Rewarding Employees or Clients with Gift Certificates and Coupons
  • – Granting Specific Users Different Store Access Based on Permissions

Looking For More?

Bright Sites has an extensive list of features that we didn’t have time to mention in this blog. You can view all the features that an Advanced Store has to offer, compare store levels, or register for our upcoming webinar on October 19th to find out more on all of our new store levels.

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This post was written by Lucy Taylor