Bright Sites New Basic Store Level is Anything But “Basic”

Loaded with a multitude of standard eCommerce features, a Basic Store is anything but “basic”. It’s a modern Promo eCommerce store fully equipped with shopping cart, checkout, and payment capabilities. Our new Basic Store level was created to provide distributors with a budget-friendly option to present to clients that require standard eCommerce features but don’t have a need for all the bells and whistles that come with an Advanced Store.

Speaking of features, check out our shareable infographic below to learn about Basic Store features.

What are Basic Stores good for?

Wondering what distributors commonly use this store level for? It’s a great way to introduce clients to the benefits of running a Company Store. Once they start using the store they may realize that they need more advanced features like punchout or inventory. No need to redo the store you’ve already created, easily upgrade to an Advanced Store or turn on one of our various add-ons. It will be the same great store just with added features.

Looking for more ways to utilize a Basic Store?

A Basic Store Level Is Great For:

  • – Clients New to Company Stores
  • – Uniform or Employee Programs
  • – Clients that Require Checkout With Minimum Bells & Whistles
  • – Budget-Conscious Clients


Looking For More?

Bright Sites has an extensive list of features that we didn’t have time to mention in this blog. You can view all the features that a Basic Store has to offer, compare store levels, or register for our upcoming webinar on October 19th to find out more on all of our new store levels.

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This post was written by Lucy Taylor