Why Your Client Should Invest in a Company Store


Your client just called asking if there is a way to streamline their order process. They order all their other business products online and would like to do the same with promotional products and company branded gear. There are a number of ways to sell products online but there are only a small handful of platforms that are made specifically for selling promotional products. When choosing a solution the most important factor in determining how successful the store will be lies in finding the best option for BOTH you and your client, whether that be a Distributor Website, a Catalog Site, a Company Store, or anything in between. Here are the top 4 reasons we believe you should present a Bright Sites Company Store as a solution to your client.

Reason #1 – Order Efficiency

Replace the need for antiquated pen and paper orders by moving your order process online. With a Company Store, you give your clients one centralized location to efficiently order all of their promotional products needs. Think of it as your client’s own personal eCommerce site. Shoppers can now order their company branded gear and promotional products just like they order products with other online retailers. From the personalized Dashboard, a user can:

  • – Access & Update Account Info
  • – Review Recent Orders
  • – View Order Details
  • – Browse Previous Orders
  • – Adjust Personal Account Settings
  • – Utilize the Address Book (Makes Check out Even Quicker)
  • – And, Review Points & Account Balances

As soon as an order is placed, you the Distributor (along with any other specified admins) will receive an email with the Order Information. As a distributor you can:

  • – Track Order Statuses & Payment Details
  • – View Order History
  • – Adjust Shipping Confirmations & Tracking Numbers
  • – Create Custom Reports
  • – And More!

Reason #2 – Brand Management

Your client invested a large amount of time and money into building and maintaining their logo and brand. Logo Management functionality gives your client the peace of mind they need to be sure that the correct logo and branding guidelines (colors, fonts, etc.) are used every time. Gone are the days of unpleasant client phone calls or returns due to inconsistent colors, branding, or logos. Company Stores allow you to support multi-brand corporations. Permissions can restrict what logos, colors, and items a particular employee can see. For example, if Mark from Accounting logs in to order a shirt he might have access to a different logo and items compared to John from Sales. The icing on the cake is that users can request a sample, zoom in on product images, hot spot a logo, and even virtually try on items before ever placing an order.

Reason #3 – Spending Control

Company Stores control corporate spending, so you don’t have to. A Manager Order Approval System (MOAS) notifies managers for order approval before orders are finalized. Budget, Customized Payments (such as  Purchase Orders), Gift Certificates, and Account Balances. Coupon Codes offer your clients additional payment flexibility and spending control options within the system.  All of these options help them manage the bottom line when it comes to ordering products.

BrightSites was built with distributors in mind too! Features such as minimum order quantities, setup charges, price modifiers, and handling fees help you control your bottom line when it comes to fulfilling and managing orders.

Reason #4 – Program Management

Programs are Company Stores that are built and managed with a specific intent and purpose.

  • – Points Program
  • – Micro Stores
  • – Design Lab Program
  • – Canadian Store
  • – Uniform Program
  • – Rewards & Recognition Programs
  • – Punchout Store

Using Company Stores to manage such programs allow employees to conveniently place orders from any device, anywhere, anytime. Product catalogs and placing orders by phone or fax are a think of the past! You can now offer a streamlined, centralized order solution to the corporate buyers and employees that expect to shop in a modern, retail-like eCommerce store.

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This post was written by Lucy Taylor