Using a Points Store for Reward & Recognition Programs

Reward and Recognition Programs are popular programs that you can manage with a Point Store. Point Stores are very similar to regular stores, except that products are displayed in a point value rather than a currency value.

This is an advantage for your client who maybe wants to reward their employees with points instead of dollars to make sure they are spending in the store or perhaps they don’t want to display the actual price of each product in the store. Either way, it is easy to start a Points Program in Bright Sites.

First, you have to assign a conversion rate so the store knows which point value to display, for example:

  • Product Price = $5
  • Point Conversion Rate = 10
  • Product Cost = 50 Points

Next, you’ll have to assign points to shoppers. Administrators have the option to mass upload users and points into the system, set-up a coupon code with the point value, or allow users to self-register and load their own point balance using gift certificates. Although point redemption is the main method of payment in these stores, it is possible to set up an alternative payment method – such as credit card or payroll deduction – if the shopper does not have enough points to cover the purchase.

Here’s just a handful of program examples you can share with your clients as ideas for a Points Program:

  1. Employee Programs 

Using points to track employee spending is another great way for organizations to manage internal spending. Employee programs can range from Uniform Programs for new employees to departmental purchasing such as promotional products for marketing teams.

  1. Sales Incentives & Goals

Milestone gifts, such as company-branded bags, coolers, and umbrellas can go far to encourage employees. This is a great way to incentivize teams and recognize new and veteran employees for reaching a milestone, 100th sale or even the 1st sale, allows them to show off to their colleagues and peers in the company.

  1.  Years of Service

Another milestone to celebrate in the workplace is years of service. Longevity within an organization should be celebrated and rewarded! Earning points for every day, week, month or year of hard work and service is a great way for employees to earn points to “cash in” for a company gift.

  1.  Safety Programs

100 days without an incident? Formally recognizing and rewarding individuals and teams can help encourage safety within the workplace. Using point stores is an excellent incentive tool for encouraging a safe work environment.

  1.  Loyalty / Membership 

Loyalty and Membership programs reward frequent customers for sticking with the brand, encourage repeat purchases, and increase customer retention. Depending on the industry, gifts can range from non-logoed products to high-end gifts, and even travel and lifestyle gifts.



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This post was written by Lucy Taylor