When to Add a Custom Design Studio to a Company Store

Customizing products is the reason we are all in this industry, logos, and artwork go on everything! In Bright Sites, virtual logo capabilities give you and your client the flexibility to determine where the logo will appear on the product and which logos shoppers can choose. But if you need an advanced product design tool that can give you variable data printing, virtual samples, production ready print – consider using an integration with Artifi Labs to bring a custom design studio right to your Company Store. Perfect for products such as:

  • – Awards and Trophies
  • – Sport Uniforms
  • – Tradeshow Items such as booths and table cloths
  • – Corporate Stationery

Traditionally, in a Company Store setting, the logos and product personalization are already pre-determined for the shopper by you and your client. But in these special instances, try thinking outside of the [logoed] box!

You Want to Give Shoppers the Freedom to Create Product Designs

With a design lab company store, you can give shoppers the freedom to create their own designs on products and see how the design will look on each product. This is a fun way to get shoppers actively involved in customizing their own products.  They can upload their own designs or use pre-loaded designs right within the design lab tool. Shoppers can also create multiple lines of text on each product and change up the font type, font size, and colors. As they customize, they’ll be able to see exactly how the final product is going to look.

It’s a cool way to get your clients involved in the design process and cut down on your time going back and forth with clients on the product customization details.

You Need Variable Data Printing

Variable data printing means that from one product to the next, the print will be different. A perfect example of variable data printing is for company stationery and collateral. Perhaps the overall design for the product will remain the same, but the text for each product will be different.

This is especially true for business cards and marketing collateral. In a design lab store, you can create pre-designed templates the shoppers can choose from. The artwork and the font type and colors are predetermined by your corporate branding guidelines, but the information on each business card or collateral piece will need to be updated with each sales team member’s contact information. Within these templates, the sales member can log into the store, click on the product they want to order and enter their own personal information they would want to show on each product, such as their name, email address, phone number, mailing address.

You Want to Create Virtual Product Samples

Seeing how the final product will look with a virtual product sample will give your clients peace of mind when ordering products. They can see where the logo will appear and how the colors in the artwork will look with the product color. With the Artifi tool, they can easily swap out colors and text if it’s just not looking exactly as they envisioned until the product is perfect.

See it in action! Head over to our Design Lab Demo Store and start customizing a product.


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This post was written by Lucy Taylor