How to Make Checkout as Easy as Possible for Shoppers

Ordering Efficiency. It’s one of the top reasons your clients want a Company Store solution for their organization. They need users, such as employees in a company, to be able to order their company swag as easily as possible while staying organized, on brand, and on-budget. What’s more efficient than allowing users to order with just a couple of clicks? With the latest checkout page updates, you can adjust store settings so all shoppers have to do is simply add products to their cart and breeze through the checkout, entering as little information as possible.

How? There are a variety of ways to customize the checkout page, and it really depends on how your clients want to manage payments, billing and shipping addresses, and shipping methods. From the Cart Options setup area, you now have the option to hide any of the following fields from the checkout page:

  • Shipping Address Selection
  • Shipping Method Selection
  • Billing Address Input
  • Coupon Field
  • Gift Certificate Field
  • Account Balance Field

As long as all the information has been set-up and filled out in the admin area, it will not show on the checkout page, allowing the user to simply bypass the unneeded sections for a faster ordering experience. If all orders in the store will have the same billing address or shipping address or shipping method – why continue to have each user fill out those fields on every order they place in the store? This not only saves the user time when ordering products but also reduces the chances of a user erroneously entering data into a store – thus miscalculating reporting data. It’s also a great feature to take advantage of if users are ordering from their mobile devices on the go.

Let’s take a look at a few examples of how you can streamline the checkout for your clients!

Full Checkout Page Example

First off, a full checkout page – with the shipping address, shipping method, billing address, and billing method needing to be filled out before completing the purchase:

Not too bad! Perhaps a little cumbersome if I were ordering from a tablet or mobile phone.

Payment Only Checkout Page Example

Now let’s say that all products are going to be shipped to corporate headquarters, will always be billed to the accounting department at the same address, and deducted from my payroll. I just need to enter my employee number to make it easier for payroll to deduct from my check and then I can complete the purchase:

Quick and easy! Just like that, my order is complete.

One Click Checkout Example

Okay, final example. Now let’s say my company and our promo distributor have worked all payment and shipping details – all I have to do is choose my shirt size and colors to complete the order. After adding everything to the cart and landing on the checkout page, I just have one last chance to review my order and click once on the checkout button.

And that’s it! Nothing more to fill out or worry about providing the wrong information. With just one click, the order has been placed and is ready for processing. We’ve sure come a long way from pen and paper orders sent in via fax – how spoiled are we?!

For more information on how to enable this feature in your store, be sure to checkout the tutorial.

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This post was written by Lucy Taylor