New Features: Streamlined for Shoppers & Store Admins

The latest features added to Bright Sites are dedicated to streamlining the user’s storefront shopping experience while simplifying the administration area for increased flexibility in how you utilize your Company Store. To learn how you can start using these features in your store, just click on the View Tutorial links.

*Updates to Checkout Flow (Cart Options)

Customize the checkout page to allow shoppers to efficiently order the products they need with just a click! The latest update to streamline the checkout flow allows shoppers to automatically skip sections of the checkout area that are unnecessary for them to fill out. For example, if all orders in the store will have the same billing address or shipping address or payment method – why continue to have the shoppers fill out those sections on every order they place if it will always be the same?

From the Cart Options setup area, you will now have options to hide the following fields from the checkout page:

  • Shipping Address Selection
  • Shipping Method Selection
  • Billing Address Input
  • Coupon Field
  • Gift Certificate Field
  • Account Balance Field

Additionally, you have the option to turn on the No Payment Required option for your store and create the starting order number for the store on this page.

As long as all the information has been set-up and filled out in the admin area, it will not show on the checkout page, allowing the user to simply bypass the sections for a faster ordering experience. View Tutorial

Featured Products Management Page

Easily keep track of all your Featured Products with the new Featured Products Management page in the administrative area. From here, you can search for products, add them to the homepage, re-arrange how the products will appear, and remove from the homepage when you do not want to highlight them anymore. These could be popular products, seasonal products, or products that you want to place on sale to move quickly. See and preview everything from one location! View Tutorial 

*Split Shipping from Admin Area

Do you have an order that needs to be shipped to two different locations? Or, maybe the order shipment needs to be staggered? Well, now you can split an order from the Orders tab in the admin area. Once the order has been placed, you can split and add different shipping dates, tracking numbers, and shipping methods for each split.  After the order has been split, the new order information will appear under the Account Dashboard so the user can track the order status and shipment information of each package. View Tutorial 


Simple Tax Rate System

Simplify how you manage taxes in your store by enabling state-by-state sales tax rate calculations. When using the Simple Tax Rates, your store will automatically pre-load zip code based tax information for the states you specify. Please note, this feature carries an additional $5/month charge and the database is updated periodically. If your store requires real-time tax calculations, we recommend using an integration. View Tutorial 

Catalogs 2.0

Catalogs 2.0 is an updated version of the current Catalogs Feature in Bright Sites. The big difference between the two is that you can add products to your own categories rather than using the supplier’s categories. Just select or search for a product and then drag the product to the category that you’ve selected for your store. From there, you can modify the price by percentage as you’d like. For example, if you want to increase the price by five percent just enter 5%. If you want to decrease the price by five percent just enter -5%.

The product and the options from the supplier catalog will show in your storefront. Catalogs 2.0 is perfect for Distributors using Bright Sites as a platform for their own website.  View Tutorial

*Request a Sample (Store Options)

Allow shoppers to request a product sample directly from the storefront. Located in the store options tab of the admin area, here you will find other features, such as Product Sort, Request a Quote, Add to Wishlist, and now – Request a Sample. When this option is enabled, store administrators will receive an email with the user’s requested product sample and option(s) along with their shipping information. And, the shopper will receive an email confirmation for the requested sample. Another tool that is great for distributors using Bright Sites for their own distributor website. View Tutorial 

There’s More…’s a list of the latest updates we’ve completed in Bright Sites.

  • Rearrange logos from Logo Management.
  • Updates to addresses.
  • Updates to editing and managing Gift Certificates and Coupons.
  • ShipStation updated to pass notes information.
  • Updates to credit card gateway code to support new Mastercard BIN range.
  • Updates to how the tax is calculated with coupons (custom and simple tax only).
  • UPS SurePost support added to UPS shipping integration.
  • Added date and time to User and Product API’s.
  • Virtual logo box is no longer restricted by aspect ratio.
  • Various bug fixes and improvements.

What does * mean?

Requires a new theme or an update to an existing theme. If you need help, please contact or call us at 800.466.5930 ext. 2.

That’s all for now! We are currently adding more features to Bright Sites, stay updated each month by joining our Newsletter!


This post was written by Lucy Taylor