The Latest Bright Sites Features – They’re so promo!

Offering your clients the option to order their Promotional Products from an online store often requires capabilities that go beyond what a retail eCommerce solution can provide. That’s why we’ve dedicated the latest round of Bright Sites features to make ordering promo products much easier for both you and your clients.

What have we been working on? Drumroll, please….

*Order Grid

The new order grid on the product page allows you to mix and match product options (think sizes and colors) to meet product minimums and pull from the same inventory.  50 medium red shirts, 50 large red shirts, 50 medium orange shirts, 50 large orange shirts….and so on and so forth. Multiple options, one product page, one order – done.


Shipping Methods Added to Group Permissions

Now you can use permissions to allow or deny groups shipping options. This is extremely helpful for granting certain users access to pricier shipping options. For example, you might not want to give all user groups in your store the ability to use overnight shipping, but it could be absolutely critical for a select few have that option.



*Custom User Fields Added to Storefront Account Registration 

Allowing users the option to self-register and create an account on their own is a big time saver for store administers when managing a large Company Store program. Now when a new user registers for an account on the storefront, admins can collect the exact data they need for reporting such as employee number, department, or job title.


Tiered Pricing

Now you can create multiple pricing options based on the user’s group level. For example, maybe your store offers a shirt available to the public for $19.99, but when employees log into the store, they can purchase that same shirt for $11.99.  With Tiered Pricing, you can have one product with multiple price levels and pull from the same inventory.

OCI Punchout Integration

Open Catalog Interface punchout functionality added for allowing continuous communication between your store and your client’s procurement system.

Anything Else?

Of course! In order to provide you with the best Company Store experience, we update the system regularly to make sure everything is running as smooth as possible. Below is a list of the minor updates we’ve recently completed:

  • *Company Name Field added to billing and shipping addresses on the checkout page and in the address book.
  • Link Option added to the Product WYSIWYG editor.
  • Updated box sizes for more accurate shipping rates.
  • *Remaining account balance will now show on the checkout page.
  • Added Primary Category field to Custom Reports.
  • Various bug fixes and improvements.

 What does * mean?

Requires a new theme or an update to an existing theme. If you need help, please contact or call us at 800.466.5930 ext. 2.

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This post was written by Lucy Taylor