3 Ways to Use Your Company Store as a Tool for Customer Service

As a Company Store administrator, how often do you hear the following questions from shoppers?

How do I know what size to order?” 

“What’s my account balance?”

“What did I order last time?” 

“When will I get my order?”

For larger programs, it could easily be several times in a day. By utilizing three key areas within the store, administrators can drastically cut the time spent answering these questions and empower shoppers to find the information they need, all on their own.

Have Shoppers Create an Account 

When shoppers create an account in the store, they have access to their Account Dashboard, a very handy Company Store feature. After shoppers create an account, they can easily track and manage their orders and profiles, including:

Order History – Shoppers can find the details of all their orders in this location. Very handy for viewing the quantities, sizes and colors of past orders to reference for new orders as well as finding tracking information for their current orders.

Address Book – Sometimes, products need to be shipped to various locations! With the address book, shoppers can store frequently used addresses and easily update that information.

Account Balance – Shoppers can enter a gift certificate code to load their own account balances. Perfect for managing large company programs where each shopper is given a certain amount to spend in the store.

Logos – Shoppers can see their company’s logos and can even upload their own logo if it’s allowed in the store. If the store has logo permissions enabled, the shopper will only see the logo(s) they are to see.

Budget Information – Does the shopper have a cap or limit they are allowed to spend in the store? If they are included in a budget group, they can see what that budget is and how much they are allowed to spend.

Create an FAQ Page

For questions that cannot be answered in the Account Dashboard, building an FAQ page is the perfect place to keep this information. With Drag & Drop Page Builders, adding pages to your Company Store is easy. We recommend building an FAQ page for shipping questions, size charts, or even questions letting the shopper know how to setup an account in the store.

Create a Contact Us Page

Let the shoppers know when you are available to help them and how they can contact you. Having a Contact Us page in your Company Store is the most important piece of information you can give to the shopper, take advantage! Be sure to include the various ways you can be contacted, including social media and a google map if you have a physical location they can visit.

In the Promo Industry, providing great service is the most powerful sales tool you can use. When utilizing Company Stores, you give your clients a central ordering location for all their logoed merchandise and you become their exclusive distributor.


This post was written by Lucy Taylor