Bright Sites Feature Focus: Retail Elements

Although Bright Sites is an eCommerce platform built specifically for distributors in the Promotional Products Industry, we belive it’s important to provide users with a modern and beautiful store to shop in!  Because Company Stores are mostly used internally, they have a reputation for looking more antiquated than other online shopping sites. To that, we say no more!

Use these elements in your Company Store to create a fun and familiar online shopping experience for your clients:

Filtering Navigation – This feature helps shoppers narrow down their search results on a category page so they find that perfect product.

Product Reviews – On the product page, users are able to give their honest opinion about that particular product (just a heads up, you can approve these comments before they show on the page).

Recently Viewed Products – Don’t let the shopper lose track of other products they’re browsing, recently viewed products will show just below the main product.

Related Products – Why not allow the shopper to see other similar products, for variety sake! You can set these or let the system auto-populate.

Connections to Social Media – When there’s a cool product out there that a shopper absolutely loves, let them shout it from the rooftop – or, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn

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This post was written by Lucy Taylor