Bright Sites Feature Focus: Product Categories

Placing products in categories is a great way to keep your Company Store neatly organized while guiding shoppers to the products they need. Utlilize the top or left navigation to display as many categories as you need and customize the categories to your client’s liking. We’ve seen store administrators set their categories in a variety of ways, such as by Company Department, Product Type, or Brand.

You can organize a step further with main cateogries and subcategories. For example, you might have Marketing as a main category with Apparel and Drinkware listed as subcategories. With Category Permissions, you can even set your store up so that only the Marketing Department has access to that particular category.  From the admin side, managing the categories is easy, because it’s all in one area.

Take a look at some Demo Stores for some category inpriation!



This post was written by Lucy Taylor