Promo Stores, Retail Style. The Importance of Retail Elements to Your Company Store

Think about your favorite online store that you just absolutely love to visit and shop in. Got it? Okay, now think about why you like to shop on that particular site. Maybe it’s a sleek design. The cool images. The ease of ordering. Being able to read reviews about the products. Perhaps it’s the freedom of being able to browse when you have time, even if you are not anywhere near your laptop or desktop – just simply check out the latest products on your mobile phone or tablet device.

If all of these reasons provide you with a level of loyalty and trust, why should shopping in a Company Store for promotional products be any different? Even though Company Stores are mostly used internally, it’s important to provide your clients with a familiar experience when shopping online.

In addition to offering a beautifully designed storefront (which our designers can help you with, btw), there are other elements you can offer in your Company Store for that retail familiarity:

Filtering Navigation – This feature helps shoppers narrow down their search results on a category page so they find that perfect product.

Product Reviews – On the product page, users are able to give their honest opinion about that particular product (just a heads up, you can approve these comments before they show on the page).

Recently Viewed Products – Don’t let the shopper lose track of other products they’re browsing, recently viewed products show just below the main product.

Related Products – Why not allow the shopper to see other similar products, for variety sake!

Connections to Social Media – When there’s a cool product out there that a shopper absolutely loves, let them shout it from the rooftop – or, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn.

As a distributor, you are offering companies an opportunity to streamline the ordering of their Promo Products, take control their branding, and control their spending. If the employees of that company actually like shopping in the store and see it as an easy task – that store is going to take orders and your business will be profitable.


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This post was written by Lucy Taylor