Tools for Selling Company Stores to Your Clients

Providing your clients with their own online store is an amazing way to increase your promotional products sales, but where to begin? How do you educate yourself and provide your clients with the valuable sales information they need to get started? We have some great options to help you get the sales ball rolling…

BrightStores University: We have a variety of on-demand webinars and demos you can watch to learn more about our platform. Every month, we host a webinar to keep you informed on the latest features and functionality in our Bright Sites system.

Brochures & Downloads: Find various coded Sales Sheets on our website, or reach out to us for versions you can personalize with your contact information and pricing to give to your clients. We recommend starting with a Company Store Discovery – this information sheet provides you with a list of questions you can ask and serves as a blueprint for building the perfect store for your client.

Demo Stores: The absolute best way to sell your clients a Company Store solution is to show them! We have a variety of demo stores on our website that you can browse for inspiration, show your clients to give them an idea as to how their store can look, or can invest in a Custom Demo Store and personalize with your client’s branding. Be sure to show your clients the features and functionality they need and leave them with the link so they can go to the store on their own.

And don’t forget, we’re here to help you every step of the way! We offer Sales, RFP, and Marketing support to help you close the sale. We’ll even present a solution with you to your client.


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This post was written by Lucy Taylor