3 Unique Company Store Programs to Offer Your Clients

Are you ready to talk to your clients about a Company Store solution? We have a few unique programs you can offer them that will get the conversation started.

Uniform Programs  –  A Uniform Company Store Program provides employees with a centralized ordering location for the company gear they need. The great thing about running a Uniform Program with a Company Store platform is that your client can easily control the spending and branding requirements. One department requires red polos and another requires blue polos with a different logo? No problem! You can set a variety of permissions so the store automagically adjusts when the employees log into the store. You can even give your clients the option to pay for products with budgets, account balances, and other custom payment methods.

Reward and Recognition ProgramsPoint Stores are very similar to regular stores, except that products are displayed in a point value rather than a currency value. Your clients can run a variety of programs such as employee recognition, safety, sales incentives and goals, and loyalty programs. A Reward and Recognition Program is a unique way to step out of the “Promotional Product Box” and offer any product your client might want! And, you’re not limited to just products either, your client can even load their store with lifestyle and travel gifts.

Micro Store Programs – A Micro Store is a very robust and flexible store configuration which allows you to have multiple stores under one “anchor” Bright Sites store.  Each Micro Store provides a customized shopping session experience based on your client’s needs – making the perfect Company Store solution for school districts, sports teams, medical/hospital divisions, restaurant corporations, and multiple small clients that do not require their own solution.

Don’t forget to mention the benefits – ease of ordering, complete branding control, and knowing exactly how much money is being spent on promotional products…these are just three of the benefits your clients will get out of their Company Store. The biggest benefit will be direct access to their Promotional Product Specialist – you!


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This post was written by Lucy Taylor