New Bright Sites Features!

As your Company Store Experts, our priority is to help you sell more products. We’ve spent this winter working on New Features & Updates dedicated to making store management much easier, so you can focus on keeping your clients happy – just in time for spring!

Report Updates

New Report! The Product Sales Report summarizes your sales in one, easy to read, report. 

Budget Report Updates: If you utilize the Budget functionality, you now have two reports to help keep you on track! The Budget Report helps you keep track of budget balances and the Budget Logs Report features Drag & Drop functionality so you can customize the report with various customer and budget data.  

Custom Report Builder – New Fields Added: Featuring over 60 fields for you to craft the perfect report for your clients! Address fields have been seperated for increased organization and we’ve also added Vendor Names, MSRP, Cost Breakdowns, plus more User & Order data fields for you to  Drag & Drop directly into your Custom Report.


 Product Management Updates

Control exactly how many of each product can be ordered with a new Maximum Product Quantity Control option added to product set-up. Also, a Product ID has been added to the Product Listing for easier API usage.


Confirmation Email Update

We’ve redesigned and updated the confirmation emails so they’re much easier to read. There’s also a new button on the Orders Page which allows administrators to easily send or re-send the confirmation email (requires theme update, please contact if you need help).

Order Email

Other Features & Updates

User Management Experience: We’ve made Improvements  in the User Management area, including adding a link allowing store administrators to easily “shop” as a user in the system. Also, the “Send Ship Confirmation” button displays if it has been sent.

Manager Approval Updates: You now have the ability to set approvals based on budgets. Improvements have also been made to the page once an order has been approved or denied. And, approver emails will no longer be sent to the emails bcc mail list.

Budget Bucket: Upload and update functionality added.


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This post was written by Lucy Taylor