Are Micro Stores a Good Fit for You?


We like to call it a store within a store! A Micro Store is a very robust and flexible store configuration which allows you to have multiple stores under one “anchor” Bright Sites store.  Each Micro Store provides a customized shopping session experience based on your client’s needs – making the perfect Company Store solution for school districts, sports teams, medical/hospital divisions, restaurant corporations, and multiple small clients that do not require their own solution.

Store Design and Configuration

Each Micro Store will maintain the overall branding of the anchor store, however, the stores can have their own identity through a unique landing page. It’s important to keep in mind that Micro Stores will require additional front-end programming from our talented design team during the initial setup and configuration.

Our team will work closely with you to help determine how you want the store to work, from there, they will customize the design and configuration of the anchor store and the Micro Stores.  Once that is complete, you can take the reigns to add your products and manage the stores on your own.

Micro Store Access Options

As mentioned before, Micro Stores are incredibly flexible. You have options as far as what the shoppers will see on the main landing page and how they will be guided down their shopping path:

Option 1: Shoppers will see all Micro Stores and may enter without a passcode.

Option 2: Shoppers will see all Micro Stores, but a passcode is required to enter a particular Micro Store.

Option 3: All Micro Stores are kept private and a passcode is required on the landing page.

Shopping Session Experience

Once a user does enter a Micro Store, the shopping experience can vary. For Example, if you have Micro Stores set up for sports teams – the shoppers in the basketball store may have completely different shopping permissions than the shoppers in the football store. You can set the permissions based on the following fields: Categories, Products, Logos, Payment Methods, Manager Approvals, Budgets.

The shopper in the football store might see completely different categories, logos (or mascots), or products than the shopper in the basketball store. The flexibility in the permissions can really provide the shoppers with that unique shopping experience.

Store Management & Reporting

From an administration standpoint, you are going to manage all Micro Stores under one roof – because they are all part of that main anchor store. You’ll be able to manage your products, features, and orders all in one place with the option to sort the reports via Micro Store.

Each scenario is different and this is a very powerful tool – so let’s start with a consultation to see if Micro Stores will make fit for you and your client. From there, we’ll work with you throughout the process of starting your Micro Stores.


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This post was written by Lucy Taylor