How to Generate Sales Opportunities with Reward & Recognition Programs

As a Promotional Product distributor, offering Points Stores presents a valuable and creative way to open those sales doors and generate new sales opportunities. There’s a variety of Reward and Recognition programs you can offer with Point Stores. These stores are very flexible for organizations and can often provide value, be more cost effective than monetary gifts, and can increase employee retention. With the Bright Sites platform, Point Stores are modern, user-friendly, and very easy to start! Time to get the word out and add Point Stores as another sales tool:

Reach out to Current Clients

Get the word out to your current clients that you can offer a variety of Point Programs. Your client list could be a goldmine of new sales opportunities, certainly doesn’t hurt to ask if they run or are interested in running a variety of Employee Programs. Your clients might not even know about the many ways they can utilize their Company Stores for other organizational programs. Plant that seed, let them know!

Target Beyond Marketing Teams

Branch out Not only are you an extension of an organization’s marketing team, you have a valuable opportunity to reach out to Human Resouce and Sales Teams as well. Let them know that Reward and Recognition Programs are a cost effective way to create memory and trophy value for employees.

Offer a Variety of Gifts

Reward and Recognition Programs offer a fun opportunity to step out of the “Promotional Product” box. It’s important to note that you can offer any product you’d like in your store – the sky is the limit! You can talk to your clients about offering non-logoed products to their employees as sales incentives – such as new headphones, a cool messenger bag, or even kitchen appliances. Depending on your client, high-end, luxury gifts might be the way to go, such as watches or brand name accessories. Stores don’t have to have products in them either! Maybe your clients want to offer experiences to the employees. Travel, lifestyle, and even gift cards are very popular gifts to stock in your store.

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This post was written by Lucy Taylor