A Feast of New Features

As your Company Store Experts, our priority is helping you sell more products, which is why we’re dedicated to continuously providing you with the advanced solutions you need to keep your clients happy.

Micro-Stores: We’ve added the ability to have multiple “micro-stores” stores within your main Bright Sites store. Micro-Stores are perfect for seasonal stores, sports teams, corporate departments, or short-term programs.


Budget Feature: We’re pretty excited to announce that we’ve added Budgets to Bright Sites. Store administrators can now assign a budgeted spending amount to users or groups for increased spending controls.


Group Passcode: Shoppers can now be assigned to a group when they self-register for an account. This feature allows them to experience only the categories, pages, and payment methods available to their assigned group.



Group Level MOAS: Save time by assigning groups of users MOAS approval email addresses, rather than individual users. The Manager Order Approval System (MOAS) feature requires a manager approval for store purchases.


New Payment Gateways & Updates: Just added Stripe, USAePay, and PayPal Website Payments Pro (Direct). We’ve also made updates so you can search the orders listing for payment ID and the store name is sent to the gateway.



Order Management: Improvements to the Order Management page lets administrators easily make edits to any order. Change the order status, shipping date, tracking number, and shipping method – directly from the order listing.


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This post was written by Lucy Taylor