Top 5 Ways You Can Improve Your Sales Game with Company Stores

Offering Company Stores to your top clients is an amazing way for a Promotional Product Distributor to increase sales opportunities. When you utilize Company Stores as a sales tool, not only will you save your clients and yourself time, but your business will run smoothly and thrive.  Let your clients know everything you can do for them – from running programs to helping manage their marketing efforts – and become their top distributor.

1) Ordering Efficiency – A Company Store gives your clients one centralized ordering location for efficiently ordering all of their promotional products, allowing you to support multiple corporate locations or divisions. Your clients will benefit by saving time from having to collect multiple quotes from suppliers and manually processing those quotes. With mobile friendly stores, they can order anytime it’s convenient. Handpicking products keeps them from having to navigate through hundreds of products to find just the right one each time. The product pages make it easy for them to see all of the product options, such as logos, colors, and sizes – in one location.

As a distributor, a Company Store takes orders for you!  By keeping your business online, you will eliminate the need of having to carry around loads of paper catalogs, replace antiquated pen and paper order taking and keep all of your orders perfectly organized. Track order statuses and payment details, history, shipping confirmations and tracking numbers. You can easily provide the information your client needs with custom report builder. Automatic emails will keep the communication lines open between you, your clients, and fulfillment centers.

2) Brand Management – Your client has worked hard and invested in building their logo and maintaining their brand. Logo Management functionality gives your client the piece of mind they need to be sure the correct logo is used every time. No more returning orders due to inconsistent color or quality. Company Stores can help you support multi-brand corporations offering shoppers a choice of logos. And logo permissions can restrict which logo a particular user may see and use. Virtualization technology lets your clients see the final product.

3) Spending Control – Company Stores maintain control corporate spending, so you don’t have to. You can easily set up permissions to control who can and can’t shop in the store as well as which logos, categories, or products the users can access. Manager Order Approval System (MOAS) notifies managers for order approval before shoppers can finalize their checkout. Budget, Customized Payments (such as  Purchase Orders), Gift Certificates, Account Balances, and Coupons Codes offers your clients additional payment flexibility and spending control options within the system.  All of these options help them (and you!) manage the bottom line when it comes to ordering products.

4) Company Store Programs – Reduce the headache of running corporate programs by utilizing the company store to manage those programs. Running store programs is a breeze when you have an online system to manage all of the details. Some of the more popular Company Store programs include – uniform programs for new hires and existing employees, tradeshow programs for marketing departments, sales channel support to facilitate sales, safety programs, holiday programs. Your Company Store can even support a Points Program. Points Stores are similar to other Bright Sites stores, except products are shown in point value rather than dollar amount – perfect for loyalty programs, reward and recognition programs!

5) Support Clients & Maintain Relationships – The most important sales tool your Company Store will provide you with is a powerful way to maintain the relationship with your clients. Help them keep their store updated by staying enthusiastic and up-to-date on the hottest promotional product trends, you will always have a great reason to pick up the phone and say “Hey, I’ve got the perfect product for you. Let’s put it in your store!”A Company Store solution gives you a golden opportunity to be the exclusive distributor for your top clients.

Your clients will appreciate the ease of ordering and the open communication. But most importantly, they’ll appreciate you. The added value Company Stores brings to your sales game is huge, take advantage.


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This post was written by Lucy Taylor