Bright Sites New Features – Thrilling New Features

As a distributor, you want to give your top clients options for their Company Store solution. The latest round of new features added to the Bright Sites is dedicated just to that – more options. More Company Store Programs, More Permissions, More Locations. Start taking advantage today!


Point Stores – A Point Store allows users to purchase products through a points-based program rather than a currency system, perfect for various reward and recognition programs, employee programs, and loyalty programs.

1. Set Up Your Points Store – A Points Store is similar to our Bright Sites currency store, except that all products are shown in point value rather than dollar value. Just switch the on/off button to enable your Points Store in Site Details. All of the other features you love in Bright Sites will stay the same!

2. Determine Point Conversion Rate – This is the number of points that equate to a dollar. For example, a conversion rate of 5 means that a $10 will cost 50 points.

3. Assign Points to Users – Add individually or save time by uploading users and points directly into the system.

4. Start Collecting Orders! – Users can then start shopping with their assigned points. If there are not enough points to cover the purchase, they can make up the balance out of their own pocket.




Manager Order Approval System (MOAS) – Customizable MOAS system is an innovative tool notifying managers for order approval before shoppers may finalize checkout. You can trigger the approval for a certain amount, for example, anything over $100, or for all orders. After the order is approved or denied, the system will notify the shopper that their order is either being processed, or they will need to make modifications to the order.




International Tax Rates / Bright Sites for Canada – It’s now easier to start an International / Canadian Company Store program. You can add local tax rates based on County, State or Province, and Zip or Postal Code. The shipping rates have also been adjusted so it’s easier to ship within provinces. Lastly, we’ve customized the checkout form to include Municipality, Province and Postal Code.



Cancel Orders –  Make a mistake or have a change of heart? No problem. Canceling an order is easy, all you have to do is click on that particular order in the admin area and hit cancel. When the order is canceled, the payment method will be refunded, the inventory will reset, and reports will adjust accordingly.

cancel order ok button


This post was written by Lucy Taylor