Marketing Tidbits: Get the word out about your Company Store

Once you get your store up and running, it’s important to get the word out! Maybe it’s your own distributor store or a store for an important client. If it is a corporate store program, make sure the organization actually buys into, or believes, in the store. The last thing you want to do is spend all this energy on setting up a Company Store for it to go unused. Either way, people need to know about it so they can start placing orders and you can sell products.

Utilize mobile friendly themes – With six out of ten online American adults expecting  your company to have a mobile friendly site, it’s critical you offer your store with a responsive design.Utilize a modern template that will support responsive design, so your store looks and operates flawlessly, no matter what kind of device it is being displayed on.

Make it easy for prospects to contact you – Don’t hide your contact information in the site, make sure it is prominently displayed so you can be easily reached for a question or an order.

Where is your web traffic coming from? – Take advantage of Google Analytics, knowing which product pages get the most hits and which product pages don’t will give you valuable feedback on where you should focus your energy and help you offer only the most in-demand, top-selling products.

Offer discounts with coupon codes – One of the easiest way to get people shopping is by offering a markdown on the products, total order, or even shipping. Set an expiration date to create a sense of urgency and generate a buzz around your campaign.

Get the word out! Use the power of email marketing and social media to spread the word like wildfire about your store. Our Bright Sites system integrates with social media platforms, so you can easily drive shoppers straight to your products.

Have fun with it and watch all of your marketing efforts pay off when the orders start rolling in!


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This post was written by Lucy Taylor